Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Okay, having a dizzy day. Hopefully back up to non-dizzy tomorrow. I do have a question though.

Do you believe in UFOs?


  1. Why yes, ma'am, I do.

  2. No, I don't. Unless I adhere to the strictest definition that a UFO is anything flying I cannot identify.

    In contrast to that, I believe that a UFO is possible. I just don't think any redneck from the Ozarks has ever seen one.

  3. You saw the Globe & Mail poll yesterday, didn't you? :) I've never seen a UFO, but I do think there're more "things", or "beings", out there than we realize. The universe is just too big to think that we're the only ones hanging out here. I love your "Dizzy" motif, btw!

  4. Tuesday was a very dizzy day for me. So disoriented, I forgot my bankcard at home, my work at home and my car insurance stickers for the license plate. Oops. But I raced home before lunch and got myself into order. ;)

  5. I've seen one - so yes I do believe in UFO's.

    Hope you're non-dizzy soon.

  6. Sorry--I'm not straight yet LOL.

    Yes Laurie I was reading the article and the club is based in Winnipeg. I was googling winnipeg and UFOs and came across an interesting historical accoount in the 1700s. No planes around then so it struck me as more interesting/convincing.

    I go through phases of 'don't be ridiculous' and phases of 'why the hell not?'

    The latter is more convincing when I start thinking about the whole space/time continuium (sp?)

  7. I hate being dizzy. Are you physically or mentally dizzy?

    Um...I think there are more beings out in the universe than just us. Whether or not they've come to earth is a different matter.