Monday, April 02, 2007

The Falklands War

Tomorrow is the 25th Anniversary of the Argentine invasion of the Falklands.

Thus for us began, the Falklands War. I was thirteen at the time and this was already a period of great personal upheaval in my life. Not to mention growing up in the era with the threat of nuclear war which made the conflict seem so much more sinister and frightening than it actually was (for those of us lucky enough to be sitting at home and watching it on the telly).

Although this was a little war by many standards, more than 900 people died in just 74 days. I'm not going to comment on the right or wrong of it. I do think the Argentinians were foolish to take on Margret Thatcher and not to expect her to retaliate (which is apparently the
case), but I have no love for Margret Thatcher and very little respect for her policies. I do know that had my dad still been in the army it would have been his regiment, 2 para, marching over peat bogs carrying 120lb packs before attacking and taking Goose Green on May 28th 1982. I feel that sense of pride in the British army, mixed with senseless loss. And a huge irony--if only you know my dad :)

Although we're all friends again now, there is still a sense of rivalry, especially on the soccer pitch or during other sporting events. Pity that all disputes couldn't be settled in some more humane way. Rest in Peace all those who died.

One thing is funny. There are always jobs for fishery/fish biologists coming up on the Islands, I guess it is a hard place to live though the locals seem to love it and I wouldn't mind visiting, although the climate puts my in mind of a Billy Connolly sketch. To paraphrase a genius, 'Not cold or damp enough yet laddies? let's keep going.'


  1. RIP is right.

    I barely remember this and I'm older than you. I guess for us it was just something on the evening news.

  2. What a time for you as a young girl, Toni.

    One thing I enjoy is learning from an adult's perspective, especially when it comes to wars/conflict.

    As children/adolescents, I don't think many grasp the severity of strife, or the politics behind it (I know I didn't). Especially if we are far removed.


  3. Thanks for the reminder, Toni. Sometimes these anniversaries come around and we're too darn busy to notice.

  4. I can remember that conflict well. We'd just moved to the UK from Hong Kong. Apparently Argentina has yet to relinquish its claim on the Falklands.

  5. I only remember this conflict as being the war that saw Prince Andrew flying a gunner helicopter. As we'd seen him once in Toronto when he was attending school there - it stuck in my mind. I had no idea what all lay behind the war.

    I remember thinking how brave Prince Andrew was, and how it was such a great thing that the Royal family was actually involved with the regiments they serve in. (big question today - will Prince Harry make it in Afghanistan?) Princess Elizabeth made many public appearances with her mother and the Queen mother during the Blitz - overseeing bomb sites and talking to the public. I always thought that was one of the best things about the R.F. (hiding now in case someone throws tomatoes!)