Friday, April 13, 2007

Location Location Location.

Sorry for the most boring blog in history. I am busy busy busy. Kid stuff. And yes, physically dizzy although the mental aspect occasionally comes into play ;)

This is my location for my next book. St. Andrews, Fife. I studied here from 1989-1993 and I lived in nearby Anstruther from 1999-2004. St Andrews University was founded around 1410 A.D., making it the third oldest uni in the English speaking world. Oxford and Cambridge being the oldest.

You wouldn't believe the ridiculous snobbery that still goes on. It might have changed now, but when a friend of mine's husband started work in Cambridge after finishing his PhD in St Andrews they put 'Mr' on his name plaque (not recognising Ph.D.s from other institutions).
If you try really hard, you can piss off even the most even-tempered of men.

Just for the record I've never played golf, but I'm the only person I know to be beaned by a golf ball. A stupid yank who teed off and hooked his drive straight into my stomach. It hurt.

Below is St. Marys Quad--where Mary, Queen of Scots is said to have planted a Hawthorn bush.
Have a wonderful weekend. I have a big writing day planned for today.


  1. Couldn't you just live in that top cottage?

  2. Yhank you for the beautiful photos. I can believe snobbery exists. It does everywhere. Hope you're feeling better soon and good luck on your WIP.

  3. My hero lives in something like that top cottage :)
    Brandy, I'm getting their kind of...

  4. What gorgeous photos! Hope you had a productive and happy writing day. Good luck with the new WIP! :)