Friday, April 20, 2007


I picked up this movie for the kids--mainly because I was ordering everything Sean Bean from the library (for a hero research you understand). Anyway, this movie is amazing. They filmed real lions, but somehow managed to make it look like they were talking. My kids loved it even though there were scary bits--and a small reference to mating, and killing animals for meat and then eating them, but I think eventually children need some basic introduction to the way the world works.

The cast--check it out here. I'm assuming this was a British production because they have some of the finest thespians of the British stage/screen. If you like voices you should listen to this movie. Gorgeous. And then there's good old Robbie Coltrane--did I ever tell you about me and DH trying to first-foot Robbie?

Writing (and why I've been so quiet in cyberspace)

In other news I remembered I have completely forgotten how to format LOL.
Although my electronic word count is 14,582 words, I'd forgotten I was targeting a ST publisher for this WIP (Out of Tears), so in page terms I'm at 67 pages (courier 12, makes that 250 words per page) 16,750 words.

Some people think this doesn't matter--Just write, I hear them say--but in fact it really does matter to me. I need my first major plot point to occur around the 20,000 word mark. Before I was a little worried about premature plot points, now, I'm right on track.


  1. I so do like Sean Bean. I haven't heard of this movie.

    If having it formatted right works for you, then go for it. Great word count.

  2. SOunds like you're making good progress. Um, I might hold off on that movies for my kids for a bit. You know that Bugs bunny cartoon where Elmer goes viking and you think he kills Bugs? Yeah, my Daughter bawled like a baby when she thought Bugs was d-e-a-d. Of course that was 5 years ago, but still!

  3. Brandy, I thought mine would hate it but they didn't. A big hit. All kids are different though.

  4. I need to check out this movie. My daughter LOVES animals - especially lions and tigers.