Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Snow Blind

I love discovering new authors.

This is an excellent read and I must go back and read the previous three novels about the monkeewrench people.

PJ Tracy is a mother and daughter team (how on earth do they manage to write together?), and this is straight mystery with a smidgen of potential romance.

Wonderful fresh writing that I was first clued into by Margie Lawson (teacher extraordinaire).

The weather in Minnesota is obviously pretty close to that of Manitoba (except we're somehow colder?) and they share our mosquito summers.

Hiding dead bodies in snowmen wouldn't work up here, thinking about it though--because the snow is so cold it doesn't stick together, just falls like sand through your mitts.

Great book. Fresh writing. Wonderful characters. good plot.

PS. Happy Birthday Dad!!!


  1. I've seen these books before, but haven't gotten them. They sound intriguing. Dare I add another new author to the old tbr?

    Having living in MN for my first 19 years (an hr south of the Canadian border) I can attest to both the cold and the mosquitoes. How about army worms???

    Happy b-day to Toni's dad!

  2. Happy birthday to your dad.

  3. Army worms? Stacy, I have never heard of those... eek.