Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thinking Blogger Awards

Rene has awarded me a thinking blogger award. Thank you, Rene. :)

In truth I don't feel like I've been thinking very much lately.

My excuse is I only sleep through the night one or twice a month, and I think I'm slowly going downhill. LOL. The joys of having young children who have nightmares and wet the bed. I'm not one of those strong, silent types; I am grouchy and crabbit and I fair enjoy moaning. I don't function properly without a solid seven hours sleep and I haven't been getting that for the last five years. Maybe I'll adjust...

So my brain is slowly atrophying into mush. Lucky me--lucky you :)

Another thing I would like to say is I don't like complaining in my blog. I don't like exposing the world to my little personal prejudices and I don't like bitching. So some days I'm quiet because otherwise I might say something I'll regret down the line. Some people might think that's wimpy. In all honesty, I don't care :)

So, I'm very grateful Rene has honored me in this way and now have to think very carefully about my list of nominees... And can I just say I really enjoy all the blogs I have on my sidebars and my other regular visitors who I haven't listed yet. I'm trying to avoid those who have already been nominated, so here goes...

Ames I had the pleasure of meeting Amy recently and she writes some excellent reviews over at Thrifty Reader and has a very cute dog!

Stacy~ is always upbeat and lots of fun to visit. We also have almost exactly the same taste in books and music--a little scary really :)

Laurie Wood puts a lot of thought into her blogs and I always find something of interest to read.

Loreth Anne White has beautiful pictures and some positive philosophical comments on life as a runner and a writer.

Meretta Pater--please don't judge Meretta right now :) The woman is a bloody miracle worker and busy doing her house up so she can move to Yellow Knife (which is just as remote as it sounds). Loved her American Title journey and eager to see what she does next.

Now... what you guys have to do...
1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.


  1. oops--forgot to allow comments :)

  2. Cool! LOL I'm glad we got to meet, and sorry I've been somewhat absent this past week. Hope your babies stop having nightmares soon.

  3. My daughter wakes up every single night. After I did some research, I found that she might be having night terrors since when she wakes up, she's not really awake at all, but sort of sleep-walking. So I found some info that said if you wake them up before they fall into the deep, REM sleep, it will keep them from waking up with the "night terror." We've tried this for three nights now and she's done great. Alas, we forgot last night and what happens? She woke up crying again. So I think it must work!

    Maybe that will help you kids???

    And it's no wonder that you're feeling a bit crabby. I would feel the same without a decent night's sleep in a month!!!

  4. I thought REM cycles were every hour? Melissa, I'll need more details LOL.

    The bed wetting is getting weird, but people don't want to hear all about that.

    Ames, I want to know how your interview went :)

  5. My Son wets his bed (so we put him in "overnights" while he's sleeping), but we have noticed that he has tried to get out of bed to go to the restroom, he just is sleeping so deeply he never makes it there. We find him curled up on the floor many times a week. So I can sypathize with you. Praying you get some sleep soon!

  6. Brandy--my son starts off in overnights, but still manages to wet the bed, sometimes even keeping his pj's dry? DH and I are baffled as to the logistics. Especially as we take him to the bathroom before we go to bed AND if he wakes up for a nightmare?

  7. Oh wow, thanx Toni! I love Ames' blog too. She rocks. Sorry about the nightmares - poor kids, and poor mom! {{{hugs}}}

  8. LOL Thanks Stacy :) I slept like a log last night--after DH got up and left for work at 4 am!

  9. Toni, I know it's hard, but try and think of this as a "stage" and it'll pass, believe me! My DD used to have "night terrors" when she was 3 & 4 - not "nightmares" that they wake up from, but it's like they're shrieking at something you can't see but they can. It passed, along with the bedwetting from DS. I think boys just take longer to train, and my DS is a *deep* sleeper too. Hey, wait till you're well into your forties and have to get up once a night yourself! Lol!

    P.S. thanks for nominating me! I've got an author interview going on today/this week, if anybody's interested in visiting. :)