Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Who's your favorite?

Well, I love American Idol.

Some of these people can actually sing. But not Sanjaya Malakar. It really irritates me that he's still on the show when so many better singers have been booted off. Enough all ready! Get off!!!

My favorites. Melinda Doolittle and Jordan Sparks and Lakisha. Those ladies can really sing. And I like Phil too.

So do you watch the show? Who's your American Idol?


  1. Nope, don't watch it. Hate reality t.v. of any kind, but I do have a friend who went to high school with Melinda, so I'm hoping she wins, plus she seems so sweet, and is genuinely talented.

    People like Howard Stern who are trying to make a mockery of the show really suck. Poor Sanjaya probably thinks he's the next big thing.

  2. LOL. DDs like Sanjaya.

  3. Ahhh!!
    Stacy~ you have the most interesting friends :) BTW Tessa is my favorite lady in The Bachelor :)

    M--my DD would probably feel the same way. She's going through a stage when she's not been allowed to watch it. Maybe next week :)

  4. I wanted Ben to win ... oops, sorry - wrong talent contest. :o)

  5. ROTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like Blake and his styel

  6. Diane :)

    Kendra--Happy Birthday!!!!

  7. I don't watch it, either. Not enough time!

  8. Sorry, I'm a rabid Canadian Idol fan! :) Our current reality TV "fix" is "The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll" - next Tuesday is it's last show. My dd LOVES the Dolls so we've been enjoying some mother/daughter time each Tuesday. I know just about everyone blogs about American Idol, but when the rest of my favourite shows are in regular season, AND I'm trying to write, lol, I can't find the time to keep up with them all.

  9. Didn't Simon Cowell say that he would quit if Sanjaya wins - hence the American nation etc persistently voting to keep him in to see if Simon sticks to his word!!

  10. I like Melinda, Jordin and Lakisha and Blake.

    SO glad Sanjaya is gone. He got WORSE every week!

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