Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Bachelor 4

Well I confessed to you I was watching this show and I didn't miss an episode. Now that was hard work :) simply because ABC stretched everything out with a million repeated clips and adverts :P

One thing I detest about North American TV is the constant advert breaks.

DH (who moaned through the whole thing, but was equally glued to the TV) and I, picked Tessa as the nicest girl in the bunch for Andy way back. She's cute and smart and seemed totally bewildered as to how she'd ended up on this show. She didn't bitch, she kept her feelings to herself, but she was also really warm and sweet to the other girls and Andy. So last night when Andy kept going on about the passion and spark he felt for Bevin (the blonde lady shown here as she is being dumped) I was nervous for Tessa...

Remember the whole body language thing? The course on sexual tension I did last month and not to mention my own 39 years of experience? It was all screaming at me that Andy really liked Tessa, and the spark he was talking about feeling with Bevin was a natural reaction to someone hot finding you scintillating in every way and throwing themselves at you--especially when you're on international TV and the girl you really like, isn't as obvious about her feelings.
So there.

I'm not convinced the passion with Bevin was all that hot or real, because it was always Bevin (or the psycho as DH called her) who was flinging her arms around Andy, and he responded as most single men would (and boy will he have some explaining to do when he and his fiance watch this series back :)

I thought Tessa's reaction to the whole process much more how I would have reacted--I guess I identified with her more, holding back, measuring his reaction and wondering if the attraction is worth the risk of opening up your heart when you might be hurt. It might not appear to be as outwardly hot or spontaneous, but it doesn't mean there isn't fiery passion just beneath the surface.

DH thought everyone was plied with drinks the whole time and plastered. I thought that wasn't such a bad idea :)

Many parts of this series made me cringe. I was devastated for the women who were hurt, the only saving grace being, 'what do you expect going on a reality tv show trying to find the man of your dreams?' But I was so happy for Tessa and Andy and I hope they have a great, fun life together.

I guess I'll find out how it is going on...

Tuesday, May 22 at 8/7c
"After the Final Rose"
Andy and his fiancée will trace their love story during the course of the series and discuss their plans for the future. The Lieutenant will also have to face some of the bachelorettes he left brokenhearted.


  1. I used to watch The Bachelor but I stopped after several seasons because they never stay together and that always bummed me out. I think the only ones that have stayed together were when they did The Bachelorette--which is of course because it was a WOMAN doing the choosing and women are so much smarter. :)

  2. According to the show a bunch of them are still together? not sure which ones they are though as I only ever watched this series--for research :)

    I enjoyed it. Now I expect them to nuture that HEA. Let's face it, real life isn't a reality TV show :)

  3. I didn't watch the Bachelor ... well, apart from one and a half episodes ... I got sucked in by the TV guide which said he was going to make the girls do a triathalon. Now THIS intrigued me!!! I won't say what I thought of the ... er... sports event, but you're right, the ads put me off watching the rest.

    I thought you might be interested in a
    guy's view on the final episode a la literary agent and Bachelor devotee, Nathan Bransford :)