Thursday, May 24, 2007

Little Known Favorites

Michele tagged me.

The Little-Known Favorites Meme Rules:
List and describe three of your favorite books that other people might not be familiar with. Then tag five people. See, easy!

This was kind of hard because my other favorites are all well known titles. This lady however, whose real name is Mary Lynne Williamson, writes beautifully crafted, non-explicit, romances. They're set in Scotland and England and Wales (she has others set in Italy and France) and they are so authentic in detail I'm always knocked out, which is quite something as she's Canadian, not European. I haven't seen any recent titles and I haven't found out any more information about the author--which is a shame because I'm so damned nosey :)

Tagging--anyone who fancies a go :)

Other news...
AMERICAN IDOL. I was chuffed for Jordin, but we all know Melinda was the best singer LOL.
LOST. Great great great. But the only reason Charlie had to die was the Hobbit wanting out of the show.
ER. How could they be SO cruel to my favorite characters?
Did I mention the Bachelor?

PS. Does anyone else have a husband who moans through TV? I mean sits and groans and moans? Please tell me I didn't catch the only one???
PPS. I'm kind of grumpy.
PPPS. DH will be kind of grumpy if he reads this LOL. Let's hope his conscience is clean and he isn't checking up on me :)
PPPPS. Great link on consumer power BBC


  1. I don't watch Idol, or Lost and haven't watched ER in years, but now you have me curious as to how ER ended!

    You mean we aren't allowed to be gumpy? HA!

  2. LOL -- DH just doesn't watch if he doesn't like :) He barely watches any TV at all, apart from hockey ... and well, if *that* clashes with MY lineup, he gets banished to the old TV in another part of the house! I mean, *my* TV-watching is work, you know? And how can I *work* if someone is sitting there grousing?? ;)

    LOST -- Fabulous!!! Love, love, love that show. Boy do they know how to ratchet that tension ...

  3. As a non-t.v. watcher, these are the times I feel left out - season finale time. I vaguely know what's going on from conversations, but I just don't watch.

    Are the characters who play Charlie & Kate still dating in RL? Just curious.

    And what did happen on ER???

  4. Hi Toni
    Answers to your ps's
    1) yes my wife,
    2) only sometimes,
    3)your b-- right he will
    4) link to and read the article on supermarkets,I can personally vouch for the temperature cheating, I have seen records for the whole day completed first thing in the morning.

  5. Stacy~ I'll email you if you want :) I think they're together, ER is just too sad :(

    POP--ah, the warning signs were all there, you're right :) I'll check out the whistle blower now.

  6. Pop, that literally makes you sick, doesn't it!

  7. My husband refuses to watch some of my movies. Under the Tuscan Sun is one. He thinks it's a total chick flick. And if I force him to sit with me, he just rolls his eyes and groans the whole time!

  8. Julie S6:33 pm

    Aaargh! You have given it away! We must be one or two episodes behind you in Lost. Next week "someone" gets killed. i wonder who that might be...
    Can't say we watch any of the idols...
    I will check out the whistleblower website too, sounds v. interesting. Thanks to your pop for the tip!

  9. Melissa, I knew mine wasn't the only one :)

    Julie--SORRY :( He doesn't really die. Or maybe they mean...

  10. Yes Toni, you can email me :)