Monday, May 28, 2007


I am being driven slowly insane.

Last weekend was a long weekend and Friday was an inservice day, so I only had one kid-free day last week. Plus DH started on a project with our neighbor on Saturday and the weekend was also a bust for writing.

I have been reading: STORY by Robert McKee and MARS & VENUS IN THE BEDROOM by John Gray, and THE OCTOPUS AND THE ORANGUTAN by Eugene Linden for craft and research purposes (not that impressed by John Gray's book, but it was printed in 1996 so maybe a bit dated).

But I'm going nuts not able to dig into my wip and with summer looming in front of me in this long drawn out unrelenting stretch of mom time, I'm feeling these tendrils of panic begin to crawl into the edges of my mind.

How about this for an Irishman's idea of a suitable thing to do on a rainy day?


  1. Looks like the third post from the garage is squint, will check it out in August.

  2. I think it looks great!!

  3. Pop--we figured you'd find something wrong with it, although you did teach him everything he knows... ;)

    I'm with mini, I think it looks great and the neighbors are ultra chuffed!

  4. PS Ilike the design

  5. Hang in there, sister. You'll get though the slump.

  6. I know how you feel re. the frustration at not being able to write however the boot's on the other foot with me. School hols are my oasis whereas term-time I'm too pooped to come up with much. Thanks for your good wishes for half term. I've written three thousand words in three days. Whoopie!

  7. Scott-thanks :)
    Siobhan, i know--a thousand teachers are out there counting down in an entirely different fashion :) I know we'll get a routine going, hopefully trike a balance. :) Awesome word count!

  8. I think your new yard looks great! :) Your old one didn't look so bad either!

    Could you plse email me? I'm trying to turn a draft post into a published one, and can't find any help with Blogger. (at least, their answer isn't working...) I've lost your phone # *again!* :)