Monday, May 21, 2007


It was a long weekend here, hence my absence from blogland. We didn't do much--our plans changed but I did see some fil-lums.

BLOOD DIAMOND is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

It is the harsh, but beautiful story of a subtle kind of redemption. Leo plays his role of diamond smuggler with exquisite excellence. His ex-Zimbabwean/South African accent is incredible (at least in my experience of Zimbabweans which includes sister-in-law, niece, nephew and three second cousins), and his character felt authentic, as does Jennifer Connelly's action-junkie journalist. But the real acting honor goes to Djimon Hounsou who plays his role with the fierce determination and courage of a desperate father trying to find his family.

I can't imagine living his life.

I can't imagine living in a land where life is so cheap and violence so expected.

I can't imagine that the diamonds in my engagement ring might have come from a conflict zone. Next time I buy diamonds (or any other jewels LOL), I WILL ask the origin and if possible proof of origin. Consumerism is power.

Another great African movie is BEYOND BORDERS that I picked up for a few dollars. Loreth recommended both these movies and they were wonderful.

Again this deals with issues that make you uncomfortable. It starts in the Sudan during the big famine in the nineties. My brother had a friend who went there to work for Oxfam. It destroyed him. He turned from a lovable, cheeky rogue to a depressed junkie. Anyway, Clive Owen plays a rough, tough man who's desperately trying to save people's lives and it is killing him that he's failing. He's not your average lovable hero (the language is very British--and why can some people say fuck without offending (like Hugh Grant?) and others turn it into such a power expletive?).

And so enters the beautiful and innocent Angelina.

I won't spoil the story. It is a love story and quite beautiful, but not perhaps your happy ever after variety.

Last, but not least. CASINO ROYALE.

My favourite Bond movie of all time.

Now my DH is a big Bond fan. Bear in mind my husband is a very intelligent man. He has this vast knowledge of hormones, biochemical pathways in numerous different animal phyla. He's really very smart.

Anyway. He didn't get this movie. He liked it, but it confused him.

Enough said.


  1. LOL at DH and Bond :)

    I'm glad you liked them -- I loved them all!! Well, apart from the females in the Bond and in Blood Diamond. Ugh, what were they thinking? They were just no match for their heroes. And try stacking them up against Angelina, and well, there just isn't a comparison, is there? Or is it just me?

    I adored Angelina's chemistry with Clive Owen. Come to think of it, the sexual chemistry she had with Daniel Craig in Tomb Raider was pretty darn awesome, too. I'd like to have felt something of that in the Bond.

  2. I've only seen Blood Diamond, and I have to say it jarred me and I couldn't stop thinking about it for days. A brutal, amazing movie.

    The other 2 I haven't but they sound good. I've never watched a Bond film - will that make a difference? I know the legend, so I can't imagine I'm missing much.

  3. I'm excited because I just rented Blood Diamond but haven't watched it yet. And it's the best movie you've ever seen! Can't wait. Saw the other two already. Both were good, but I wasn't wild about the Jolie flick, although it was quite good. Anything with her in it makes me a little suspect. I don't know why. Clive was magnificent as usual.

    Casino Royale though... what a Bond!

    Oh, and I finally posted the "eight" meme. Thanks for picking me!

  4. I saw Blood Diamond and thought it was an excellent movie. :P

    I will definitely check out the other two.

  5. I think Angelina has sexual chemistry full stop. Maybe it is with the camera itself?

    Stacy~ Not seeing any other Bond movies won't change a thing. It is hard to explain the whole Bond evolution--it is more like a trip through cinema time.

    Scott--Well I hope you like it. We're all different :) About to check your meme

    Ames--I could lend you the BB DVD :)

  6. I heard Blood Diamond was good. I didn't care for "Beyond Borders." I'm not a big Angelina fan and to be honest, I had a pretty good idea how it was going to end. Not the details, but I had a feeling. "Casion Royale" was magnificent. Daniel Craig shot up there as my favorite bond. My dh loved it and felt it captured the spirit of Flemings books better than the rest.

  7. Ah...James Bond. LOVE Casino Royale.

    Those other two movies look really good. Will have to check them out sometime soon.

  8. I love BB and CR - haven't been able to bring myself to watch BD yet.