Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I often forget that I've been to the Isle of Man's TT (tourist trophy) race. It was in 1989, when I did my year stint on the island as a marine biology honours student, and it is an incredible event. This year is the centenary race, all run on normal tarmac roads that are often abutted to old stone walls. Thankfully they convert the course roads to one way for the duration of the races.

It is the oldest, longest course in the world and modern bikes get up to speeds of 200 mph. The guy who holds the lap record averaged 129 mph over the entire course.

Averaged 129 mph...

Every year over-zealous tourists die before the race even starts. I think they forget which side of the road to drive on and get wiped out by oncoming traffic. The whole event is kind of crazy, but in a controlled setting that I can understand. If someone needs this sort of excitement then I respect the fact they do it on a track where the only person they're going to hurt is themselves or other like minded souls.

Races start June 2nd. There's a live feed on the website.

When I was there I stood on the first big corner and the bikes whizzed by about ten feet away and lifted the hair from my neck. The noise was overwhelming, and I remember feeling the vibrations off the exhaust pipes through the soles of my shoes.

Oh Gosh--I've also been to the Horse of the Year Show (twice) and the women's World (field) Hockey finals in Wembley Stadium (the week before the FA Cup Final when Liverpool were playing, Deb and I wanted to hide out for a week in the stands), one Premier League Football match, an NBA Raptors game, two or three international rugby matches (which were the most exciting). That's not counting any minor league stuff.

And I'm not even into sport... So, what sporting events have you attended?

A rider takes a corner in 1928 (Picture: <span class=
  • 25,000 attend annually
  • 50-55,000 this year
  • Average helicopter time to fallen rider - six minutes
  • Section of course open one-way to fans
  • More than 200 deaths in TT and grand prix


  1. Sounds wild.

    I love hockey. I've been to the Blackhawks games here in Chicago, and also to a few of the minor league games. I know it's wrong, but I just love the violence of the sport. Hey it gets MY aggressions out, being able to yell at the other team *g*

  2. I went to a Rangers baseball game once. Does it have to be pro? 'cuz I've been to a gazillion children's soccer games.

  3. LOL--I like the hockey too. Live. Not that keen on the telly. I've seen the Manitoba Moose play and the Guelph Storm, years ago.

    Bails--I wasn't counting the little stuff simply because of space on the blog--not quality of play ;) I don't want to think how many golf courses I've walked, Sunday league soccer games I've endured and rugby...don't get me started! And that's not even the kids ;)

  4. Let's see...major league baseball games, college football, and that's about it.

  5. We're complete hockey nuts and have seen the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Barrie Colts (several hundred games over ten years), and Manitoba Moose. We've also taken our kids to see the Blue Jays play ball in TO at the Skydome.

    Otherwise, we're into watching *any* Olympics - summer or winter, & skating championships on TV.

    (and my mysterious hero is a very young Johnny Depp )

  6. Oh yeah, I'd forgotten the Blue jays. We did a couple of matches when we had visitors. Didn't understand a thing about the play :)

  7. Baseball and cricket are mysteries to me...

  8. Kids soccer games, minor league baseball and kids basketball games. That's it. We're not sports fanatics in out house.

  9. Brandy, I'm not either, which is why I was surprised I'd done so many 'events'. Of course, when you've been around as long as I have ;)

  10. I usually go to at least one Major League baseball game a year. I live 30 minutes from the Angels and 40 minutes from the Dodgers. I like going but they charge so much for the food and everything else, its too expensive to make a habit of.

    Of course, I spend most of my spring at Little League games and fall at soccer games.

  11. Rene, sport is expensive. I think season tickets must be the way to go for big fans.