Friday, June 29, 2007

Finished 1st Draft--Out of Tears

374 pages. 80,023 words.

I started OUT OF TEARS on April 3rd 2007. Nearly 3 months for a first draft. Gosh, I can't decide if that rocks or sucks :)

Story of my life.

This isn't the end of Sean Bean. I want to make this story the best thing I've ever written, so lots more SB--just suck it up :)

Actually I'm pretty proud of myself. It hasn't been an easy month with Triskelion folding and my contracts potentially getting caught up there. As I asked for and received my rights back in May 2007, theoretically I should be free from any obligation, however because of the bankruptcy laws, courts can claw back contracts that were possibly 'dumped' during the six months preceding declaration of bankruptcy. So as long as the records are straight and the courts information is accurate my contracts should be free and clear. I'll have a better idea assuming Trisk files on the 2nd July as they stated.

I haven't said much about the whole Triskelion thing. Until it has been settled by the courts it isn't something I want to discuss. But it is a troubling situation for all writers. The Triskelion contract was pretty standard, it states authors' rights revert automatically if bankruptcy is filed and everyone assumed they could just start over. But the bankruptcy law can override an author's contract. Something to bear in mind when publishing and a real impetus to write for more than one publishing house.

Cyber hugs for all my friends caught up in this mess.


No time to write a proper post.

DD finishes Grade 1 today.

I hope to finish the first draft of my wip knowing it needs a lot of work.

The dog is having a nervous breakdown from lack of exercise.

I'm just about ready to fall over.

Anyone else exist in a state of constant light-headedness? I can't even blame alcohol. There are definite aspects of being a woman that I hate :P

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Comfort Food for the Soul

When I need some comfort I turn to a good historical and right now my favourite historical author is Eloisa James.

She's wonderful :)

This story is the fourth installment of the Essex sisters and I just loved it. The heroines come in all shapes and sizes and the heroes are all wonderfully 'rakish'. I know it is a cliche, but that is something I happen to love about historicals.

Has anyone else read her books?

I'm going out is a miracle, twice in the space of a week. The kids are knackered and I can't wait for school to be over. DD got her report and it was glowing. I'm not sure how I'll get hats big enough in the future.

I'm almost done the first draft of the wip and I finally figured out I write like I paint. I sketch in the basics, and then I go over and add detail. For a long time I thought I was inferior and doing it wrong, but then I remembered my artwork and it came to me with a big blast of relief. We writers worry about many silly things.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Goodbye Mr Blair

Today marks the end of an era for Britain. Tony Blair is stepping down as Prime Minister and Gordon Brown is replacing him. I always really liked Tony Blair who slipped into the shoes of the imitable John Smith who died before he could be elected PM (and I think there are very few people who doubt he would have become the PM at that time). Tony is not without criticism but I'm not sure there is a leader in the world who can get it right every time.

I really like Gordon Brown too. His wife had a baby in the same hospital where my children were born, but their baby died. It was heartbreaking. And now they have two kids younger than mine and I can not imagine being a parent and running the country at the same time... although... Here's hoping Gordon can put his good Fife roots to work.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back to scheduled programming...

Well not really :)

My son is sick. Only the vomiting at midnight variety (touch wood) and getting better. Glad I didn't marry him off after all :)

We've been having wild weather here. Tornadoes all around the city, thunder storms every single night. One guy got a phone call from his daughter that a tornado was heading for the farm house. He got everyone in the basement and 30 seconds later the house was upside down a hundred yards away from where they were looking up at the open sky. Wild.

Then there are the floods in the UK. I grew up by the River Severn and flooding is nothing new to that region, but Sheffield, where Sean Bean is from, has been battered. I feel for the people and only hope they stay safe and sound out of the water until the floods ease. No heroics.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

BIAW so far...

On page 40.5 (see how desperate I am to count in fractions :)

I need to write 10 pages today, assuming I can get DD off to her party and BH sorting out our son with some knight craft.

Last night I dreamt I gave DS into marriage (aged 4), while I was wearing the wedding dress so my cousin and her husband could have a child (In reality they already have 4). I cried and cried and grabbed him back and refused to part with him telling everyone they couldn't have him (me still in white lace and him in blue shorts).

Phew. One night away from the kids can turn into a nightmare!

finished BIAW at 51 pages.

WIP stands at 342 pages or 73,226 words

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tim and Faith

Wow. How do you describe 3 and a half hours of absolutely fabulous live entertainment? Faith Hill and Tim McGraws' SoulIISoul 2 tour was brilliant. It was at Winnipeg's MTS center and the arena was sold out one hour after tickets went on sale.

The buzz was electric.

We were in the Gods--back against the wall which was fine.

My photo's aren't great, but that's okay :)

They came on and sang Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars. It was sooo good. Chilling.

Then Faith sang her lungs out for an hour and a half, incredible vocals that brought the house down. She actually broke down in tears and said we were 'all so nice' :)

We are nice :)

She sang all her hits and then Joplin's Taking, Every little bit of my heart now baby. And some Abba, and then Tim and Faith did a couple of duets before McGraw took over with easy laconic grace.

They took the mickey out of themselves and their love for each other, but it shone through in everything they did. The looks, the touches, the amazing vocals.

The bands were awesome too--I was surprised they each had their own musicians and I was kind of impressed too. The stage was made of screens with these great images that flowed out during nearly every song. They worked the crowd and were just very easy up there in front of all these thousands of people.

When they sang, 'Like we'd never loved at all' you could hear the emotion and believed in the lyrics. Awesome performers.

Here's a review...LINK

Monday, June 18, 2007


I'm doing BIAW with my RWA Kiss of Death Chapter this week. This means I won't be blogging much--in fact I'm not going to blog until I've reached my 50 page goal (that's my basic target). And I'm not visiting either because this is a kick ass week of word production and I get too easily sucked in.

In true Margie Lawson (goddess of all things writing) style I have a secondary *superstar* target of finishing the first draft (which I'm not likely to make, but it should inspire me to write rather than to worry about the whole writing profession and what-am-I-doing-with-my-life thing).

Email me if you have news :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

To all you great dads...

My dad taught me a lot of cool stuff. He taught me how to shoot air rifles, how to shoot bows and arrows and the theory of making an English longbow from scratch. He taught me how to snare rabbits and, whether I liked it or not, how to skin and gut them.

He taught me the value of humility--usually by humiliating me in public by leaving the house in full camo gear with a carrot bag over his head. He taught me how to question what people said, how to judge people by their actions and not words. He taught me the value of hard work, self sufficiency and the importance of helping others.

I'd have grown up a different person without him. Thanks Dad :) I think ;)

Friday, June 15, 2007


I confess, I'm not feeling the love right now. I took it out on the carpets and furniture and gave the bedrooms a damn good clean. May as well get something constructive out of a bad mood :)

I can't get the formatting right on the newsletter. The cells keep stretching miles across the screen. I'll work on it tomorrow, maybe have to put in some hard breaks, but it is a pain (irritating, annoying, frustrating, a waste of time, stupid damn computer programs).

If there were medals for moaning I'd be the Olympic Champion three times over.

The good news is my wonderful policeman in Fife is back on duty. I was rather worried I'd driven him away, but thankfully no :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007


This is a fabulous opportunity for romance writers. Check it out :)

Oh--and the postman... He was fabulous :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I'm so HOT!!!

I know I'm moaning about the weather again LOL, but it 30 C and humid. Storms are forecast left, right, north and south, but nothing has broken yet.

Anyway--moan over :)

Sorry I haven't been around much. Trying to write, trying to keep the house straight (and failing), trying to keep the kids straight (not sure of my success there), trying to keep the fish and dogs from overheating.

I'm also putting the Killer Passion Newsletter together. Am I a glutton for punishment? *vbg*

I am the QUEEN of BORING! Tomorrow I'm going to make up a steamy affair with the postie :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007

Treading on toes

We had a nice weekend, family stuff. Swimming lessons, a big grocery shop, play day, fish store for fin rot treatment (I now have a nice fluorescent green tank), followed by the Bond movie.

I planned out the next two scenes of my book, moving into uncomfortably familiar territory of a woman crippled with MS while her husband tries to get on with his day job.

This is a situation in which my brother found himself a few years ago--amazing how time can move on and heal, but for this character of mine he's still in the interminable hell part--watching someone he loves die slowly and being unable to do anything to help them.

This is not my brother's story. My character's name is Brian McKnight, he's my hero's partner, another detective in the Scottish police force. I created Brian because he reflected a softer side of my hero, and even apart from his wife's illness, he's got his own intriguing backstory (though I have no intention of ever turning him into a romantic hero). Also I wanted to have one great father figure in the story. But I'm very aware I might be treading on toes very close to my own.

Anyone else ever had this problem when writing a story? Getting too close to real life? I'm also having to tread carefully with the fictional lecturers in the Gatty. The truth is much more shocking than the fiction I've created :) Although I don't know of any passionate embraces that occurred in broom cupboards--I can assure you DH and I never partook :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton. I don't think I've hid my disdain of this young woman. She seems to care only about looking pretty, skinny and pretending not to care. I applauded the judge putting her in jail for driving violations--the woman is worth millions, what she can't call a cab? I was also appalled she was let out after a night, but to then return her to jail seemed all about crucifying her for her celebrity status.

That is just another form of prejudice to me.

People go on and on about double standards but it doesn't wash much. There are double standards everywhere, you really think this is an important issue on which to take a stand?

I have a SOB ex-brother-in-law who drinks and drives all the time. He's been reported, but it is like the police can't be bothered to actually arrest him. He's lost his license a few times, and I know he's been driving anyway--was he put in jail? No, he wasn't, isn't and isn't likely to be anytime soon. Then there are all the people who drink and drive and probably laughing their backsides off at Paris. Are they really any better than she is?

I don't think so. I probably sound very sanctimonious, and Paris Hilton might not have my respect, but neither do I enjoy watching the vultures tearing the flesh off the bones.

***Rene informs me it was a legal reason Paris was sent back to jail, so I guess my reaction is wrong--I thought she was being singled out because she was famous. I think many many people are released way before they should be.***

Thursday, June 07, 2007


My Beloved Husband (do you think he'd like to be BH rather than DH?) recently commented on the number of Sean Bean pictures on my blog. Obviously he hasn't moved off from the comic book idea where you just look at the pictures.

It's Nick!! Darn it ;) My inspiration. If I'm going to write an international bestseller (which is what the poor delusional soul is pinning our retirement hopes on), I need regular optical stimulation.

oh--and did you see the poor guy whose wheelchair got stuck to the front of a lorry and accidentally got taken for a ride? LINK

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fate, fish and rain

Busy busy busy.

Page 239 of wip--not as much progress as I'd hoped 11 pages in one day. They were love scenes though, always awkward to write (it is not easy writing dirty books, Pop--as you so eloquently put it).

Then we had our son's introduction to kindy last night, followed by a traumatic bedtime--something tells me my little angel doesn't want to grow up :) Then DH had a disastrous day at work, flying fish around the country--trust me, being a scientist is hard work--and then we had someone over for dinner.

And it poured with rain and I had no car. It was hot so I took off my trews and was semi naked under my waterproofs and I was laughing riding the bike down to school thinking it would be just my luck to get run over today, not wearing pants. I must have looked like a complete lunatic laughing in the rain.

Thankfully fate was kind :)

And I have a new nephew called Dylan--very excited to hear he arrived safely as he put up quite the struggle to be born and I'm thinking of his poor mom in hospital. Get well soon, Caroline!!! Hang in there, Mike :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tess' free read

Tess Harrison has a free read on Killer Passion. Check out the first installment here

Sean's morphed into Nick

The interesting thing about my Sean Bean pictures is when I look at them I think 'Nick' as in my current hero, Nick Archer, and not Sean Bean or even Richard Sharpe.

BTW if you have never seen Sharpe you are seriously missing out on a fabulous action drama. It has everything in it: war, honor, idiocy, romance, intrigue, spies, tragedy, lust, humor, camaraderie, sweeping landscapes and a great deal of historical accuracy (except for the fact Sharpe never existed).

I had a great writing day yesterday. I'm on page 228 of the wip (48,621 words) and the whole storyline is crystallizing for me although my heroine isn't quite there yet.

I've noticed a large absence of 'dads' in my writing, which is weird especially as my own dad is alive and well back home, and there was no shortage of other male relatives growing up (brother, cousins, grandads, great grandad, uncles, great uncles). So why the lack of parentage for my protagonists and antagonists?

My mother says I'm exactly like my dad... maybe I can't stand the idea of writing myself into a story.

Or maybe it is easy to recognize the importance of a father in a person's life and how the absence of a father can create such a strong impact? I really don't know. When I'm rich and famous I'll discuss it with me dad on Oprah *snort*.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Killer Passion Contest

We are running an excellent prize draw on the Killer Passion blog this month.

Sign up for the monthly newsletter *LINK* and you get the chance to win a $40 US gift certificate for Victoria Secret (and let's face it we all need knickers) and Amazon.

What's not to love?

Friday, June 01, 2007


I spent the whole day at the Manitoba Children's Museum yesterday, with only enough time inbetween to cycle DD to school and back. I was totally knackered!

Kids are great. *cough*

Where's the Tylenol?

Now I'm ready for battle--and let's face it, writing is a damn sight easier than chasing after a four year old all day :)

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Happy June.