Monday, June 18, 2007


I'm doing BIAW with my RWA Kiss of Death Chapter this week. This means I won't be blogging much--in fact I'm not going to blog until I've reached my 50 page goal (that's my basic target). And I'm not visiting either because this is a kick ass week of word production and I get too easily sucked in.

In true Margie Lawson (goddess of all things writing) style I have a secondary *superstar* target of finishing the first draft (which I'm not likely to make, but it should inspire me to write rather than to worry about the whole writing profession and what-am-I-doing-with-my-life thing).

Email me if you have news :)


  1. Good luck!!!!! This is me cracking the whip :)

  2. Go for it and good luck!

  3. You do what you gotta do - hope to see you real soon :)

  4. Good luck. Came over from another blog. Just had to say, the man in your photos ... he was in the film "The Field" with Richard Burton. I named my son Taigh (from the movie's Teague) because of him. He was Teague (pronounced Tige) in the film.

    TMI for a first visit?

  5. Page 37, with a sore throat so feeling okay about my goal so far.

    Beth--not TMI. Sean Bean was in 'the Field'--but I think it was with Richard Harris. GREAT movie. Love your son's name too. Sean is my current hero imspiration. I'll come visit your blog when I get my 50 pages done.

    Oh--I have done one blog comment during my hiatus. Shouldn't have even bothered answering the post.

    Triskelion has declared the intent to file for bankruptcy in July. I'm very sorry for the authors caught up in that mess.

  6. Good luck with the BIAW, hope you make both targets!