Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fate, fish and rain

Busy busy busy.

Page 239 of wip--not as much progress as I'd hoped 11 pages in one day. They were love scenes though, always awkward to write (it is not easy writing dirty books, Pop--as you so eloquently put it).

Then we had our son's introduction to kindy last night, followed by a traumatic bedtime--something tells me my little angel doesn't want to grow up :) Then DH had a disastrous day at work, flying fish around the country--trust me, being a scientist is hard work--and then we had someone over for dinner.

And it poured with rain and I had no car. It was hot so I took off my trews and was semi naked under my waterproofs and I was laughing riding the bike down to school thinking it would be just my luck to get run over today, not wearing pants. I must have looked like a complete lunatic laughing in the rain.

Thankfully fate was kind :)

And I have a new nephew called Dylan--very excited to hear he arrived safely as he put up quite the struggle to be born and I'm thinking of his poor mom in hospital. Get well soon, Caroline!!! Hang in there, Mike :)


  1. My youngest is resisting growing up too. We moved her upstairs and I cannot get her to stay up there. She can't wait for kindergarten but she wants to be a baby too. Frustrating to say the least.

    I whip through love scenes and action scenes myself. Its those darn internal narrative and plot building that slow me down. If they could just have sex then kill bad guys and never think about it, I'd be fine.

  2. My oldest wants to be her brothers age. I keep having to tell her it's time to grow up a bit. And Congratulations Aunt Toni!

  3. Rene, I can kill people and interrogate them very happily, it isn't that the love scenes are hard to write, but they're hard to write fresh (for me).

  4. Congrats on the new baby!!

    And riding on your bike semi-naked means you're still young at heart, and that's always a good thing. :P

  5. I'm the one not ready to be a grown-up; sadly it's too late for me - I already have a job, house, bills. I'm doomed.

    Congrats on little Dylan - love that name.

    Hey, that's a lot of writing to me, and "those" parts sometimes ending up being my favorite in the whole book, so don't feel inclined to rush them ;)

  6. Okay, just the line ' would be just my luck to get run over today, not wearing pants.' is going to crack me up for the rest of the day.