Friday, June 29, 2007

Finished 1st Draft--Out of Tears

374 pages. 80,023 words.

I started OUT OF TEARS on April 3rd 2007. Nearly 3 months for a first draft. Gosh, I can't decide if that rocks or sucks :)

Story of my life.

This isn't the end of Sean Bean. I want to make this story the best thing I've ever written, so lots more SB--just suck it up :)

Actually I'm pretty proud of myself. It hasn't been an easy month with Triskelion folding and my contracts potentially getting caught up there. As I asked for and received my rights back in May 2007, theoretically I should be free from any obligation, however because of the bankruptcy laws, courts can claw back contracts that were possibly 'dumped' during the six months preceding declaration of bankruptcy. So as long as the records are straight and the courts information is accurate my contracts should be free and clear. I'll have a better idea assuming Trisk files on the 2nd July as they stated.

I haven't said much about the whole Triskelion thing. Until it has been settled by the courts it isn't something I want to discuss. But it is a troubling situation for all writers. The Triskelion contract was pretty standard, it states authors' rights revert automatically if bankruptcy is filed and everyone assumed they could just start over. But the bankruptcy law can override an author's contract. Something to bear in mind when publishing and a real impetus to write for more than one publishing house.

Cyber hugs for all my friends caught up in this mess.


  1. Congratulations for finishing Out of Tears! I would think 3 months is a pretty reasonable time for a first draft.

  2. Congratulations, Toni! Three months is very quick for a first draft, btw. You should treat yourself to something nice before you dive back into rewrite hell. :)

  3. I ordered a short story by Suz Brockmann as my reward with what was left of my book tokens. I have to wait months, but I know it is on its way :)

  4. YAY on finishing!!! Hugs on the Trisk mess.