Friday, June 15, 2007


I confess, I'm not feeling the love right now. I took it out on the carpets and furniture and gave the bedrooms a damn good clean. May as well get something constructive out of a bad mood :)

I can't get the formatting right on the newsletter. The cells keep stretching miles across the screen. I'll work on it tomorrow, maybe have to put in some hard breaks, but it is a pain (irritating, annoying, frustrating, a waste of time, stupid damn computer programs).

If there were medals for moaning I'd be the Olympic Champion three times over.

The good news is my wonderful policeman in Fife is back on duty. I was rather worried I'd driven him away, but thankfully no :)


  1. Sorry you've been grumpy. Me too - I'm blaming the heat. Hope you have a great weekend...and I'm glad your policeman is back.

  2. Stacy, I hope you have a great weekend too. My poor policeman had a bad back--I have terrible memories of my mom suffering with slipped discs when I was about 16. Awful.

  3. Well, at least your house should be happy, right? Sorry to hear about the grumpiness. Maybe watch a funny movie and treat yourself to a sublime dessert? Or a new book? *g*

  4. Brandy--the house and husband appreciate it--and the fish just had a major clean too so they're PD happy :)

  5. Ugh. Bad moods. I've been suffering them more and more of late. Wonder why that is?