Sunday, June 10, 2007

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton. I don't think I've hid my disdain of this young woman. She seems to care only about looking pretty, skinny and pretending not to care. I applauded the judge putting her in jail for driving violations--the woman is worth millions, what she can't call a cab? I was also appalled she was let out after a night, but to then return her to jail seemed all about crucifying her for her celebrity status.

That is just another form of prejudice to me.

People go on and on about double standards but it doesn't wash much. There are double standards everywhere, you really think this is an important issue on which to take a stand?

I have a SOB ex-brother-in-law who drinks and drives all the time. He's been reported, but it is like the police can't be bothered to actually arrest him. He's lost his license a few times, and I know he's been driving anyway--was he put in jail? No, he wasn't, isn't and isn't likely to be anytime soon. Then there are all the people who drink and drive and probably laughing their backsides off at Paris. Are they really any better than she is?

I don't think so. I probably sound very sanctimonious, and Paris Hilton might not have my respect, but neither do I enjoy watching the vultures tearing the flesh off the bones.

***Rene informs me it was a legal reason Paris was sent back to jail, so I guess my reaction is wrong--I thought she was being singled out because she was famous. I think many many people are released way before they should be.***


  1. Her arrogance and complete lack of concern about the law makes my blood boil. Sheriff Lee Baca of the L.A. County Sheriff irks me more than the celebutante. He defied the order of the court and released her contrary to the judge's order. That is inexcusable and no matter what he says, it was favoritism due to her status. FYI, he also tried to supress much of the Mel Gibson fiasco as well.

    Paris Hilton really only had to serve about a third of the 45 days per the judges order, but he was specific about his ruling. She was not being sent back to jail because of her celebrity status but rather because her release defied order of a court. It was specifially stated she was to spend her sentence in jail, not on home monitoring. No one could say what "medical condition" she had, not even in front of the judge.

    Law enforcement executes the court's rulings, not the other way around.

    Paris didn't go to jail for drinking and driving, she went to jail for probation violations. She got caught driving on her suspended license not once, not twice but three times. The second time she signed a statement telling the court she would not do it again and yet she continued to defy the law. That's why she is in jail.

  2. LOL Rene, ah, the fact that they released her was stupid. Incredibly so. I *do* think she should have served her sentence, I just don't like the media circus that surrounds her--like I say, I know people who drive on suspended licences (SOBexBIL is one) and nothing happens to them. And it should. Actually add assault and stalking to that charge and still nothing happens.

    Interesting about the sheriff. The judge is someone I respect very much--I didn't realise the sheriff released Paris without the courts authority. Stupid man.

  3. I read an article this morning which left me suspicious, wondering whether Paris Hilton’s incarceration hoopla is actually part of a brilliant publicity stunt orchestrated by her father and others in the Hilton Hotels empire.

    Published Thursday in USA TODAY under the headline, Jailhouses rock as overnight lodging, the article opens with the question, "Is going to jail cool?" -- an obvious reference to Paris Hilton's headline-grabbing in-and-out stints at the Los Angeles County Jail. The answer to the question came in the form of a pithy piece introducing readers to a trendy new adventure known as jailhouse lodging.

    I didn't make it past the article's lead paragraph before THE question popped into my mind:

    Could it be that the Hilton family is planning to buy the Los Angeles County detention center known as the Twin Towers, rename it The Paris Hilton and convert it into a trendy new jailhouse hotel?

    Certainly, it's not beyond anyone's imagination in today's "Top This!" environment that The Paris Hilton would serve as the flagship property of a new jail-house arm of the worldwide lodging chain.

    The lockup's cafeteria could be converted into a chic night spot. The medical/psychiatric section could become a posh celebrity rehab center for folks like Britney Spears, Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan and other so-called "Hollywood stars" to get away from it all after having "one too many" in public. In reality, the possibilities for expansion are endless as cash-strapped city, county and state governments face growing prison populations that require new and improved facilities, the likes of which Hilton money could surely buy!

    Keep your eyes on this one folks...and, remember, you read about it first at Bob McCarty Writes™

  4. My take from what I hear on the news is that most nonviolent prisoners in L.A. are released after serving only 10 percent of their sentence, so I suppose it wouldn't be unusual for her to be released, though I don't watch the news enough to know why she was sent back exactly. I wish they would just build more prisons and keep them ALL there for their entire sentences!!