Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tim and Faith

Wow. How do you describe 3 and a half hours of absolutely fabulous live entertainment? Faith Hill and Tim McGraws' SoulIISoul 2 tour was brilliant. It was at Winnipeg's MTS center and the arena was sold out one hour after tickets went on sale.

The buzz was electric.

We were in the Gods--back against the wall which was fine.

My photo's aren't great, but that's okay :)

They came on and sang Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars. It was sooo good. Chilling.

Then Faith sang her lungs out for an hour and a half, incredible vocals that brought the house down. She actually broke down in tears and said we were 'all so nice' :)

We are nice :)

She sang all her hits and then Joplin's Taking, Every little bit of my heart now baby. And some Abba, and then Tim and Faith did a couple of duets before McGraw took over with easy laconic grace.

They took the mickey out of themselves and their love for each other, but it shone through in everything they did. The looks, the touches, the amazing vocals.

The bands were awesome too--I was surprised they each had their own musicians and I was kind of impressed too. The stage was made of screens with these great images that flowed out during nearly every song. They worked the crowd and were just very easy up there in front of all these thousands of people.

When they sang, 'Like we'd never loved at all' you could hear the emotion and believed in the lyrics. Awesome performers.

Here's a review...LINK


  1. WOW. Glad to hear you enjoyed the show.

  2. I just love Tim & Faith, and I'm glad you had such a great time. I bet they are just incredible live.

  3. It was fabulous :) Two concerts in one.

  4. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful show! I think they were close by to me - Omaha - but I didn't get to go.

    I've always loved these two - they are so in love and they are so down to earth.