Monday, July 30, 2007

Adult Movies

Whenever I'm in the library nowadays I'm usually in the kid's section looking at children's books and DVDs.

So my daughter was in this library program and my son was at his last day of daycare and I find myself standing in the middle of the wide open foyer thinking.

Unfortunately I tend to think out loud and say to myself, and the five or six other library patrons close enough to hear.

"Hmm. I wonder where they keep the adult movies."

I blushed and ran. :)


  1. LOL, poor Toni. That's priceless though.

  2. Hahahahahaha...too funny!

  3. As another MOther, I so get this. How many cartoons and childrens movies will we be forced to watch until they outgrow them?

  4. Roflmao!! It's so easy to do something like that...if I have to see/hear any more reruns of Pirates of the Caribbean or Spiderman, I think I'll run screaming from the house. :) Toni, you're not an idiot, you were just in the wrong place! You should've been at the video store to *rent* something. :) Or were you scouting out old Sean Bean flicks?

  5. :)
    I was taking advantage of a rare moment of solitude (ish)

  6. Oh, that is too funny!

  7. This is a bit seedy, but I will share it anyway. I walked out of a toilet stall intensely relieved and said out loud, "That felt f'in good." My boss was washing his hands and looked at me wryly in the mirror.

    I didn't blush and run away, but I wanted to reverse time and do that one over.

  8. Scott, toilet humor :) Lowering the tone of my blog? *vbg* We could all do with turning back time sometimes!

    The only piece of toilet graffiti I have ever recalled was from the Student Union building of Liverpool University in about 1987.

    There is nothing as overrated as a bad f*** and nothing as underrated as a good s***

    The woman who can't remember what day it is can not get this little pearl of wisdom out of her tiny brain!

  9. ROFLMAO I'm with Stacy - that's priceless!