Monday, July 23, 2007

The British Open Championship 2007

Padraig Harrington won the Open in a very exciting finish--if you like golf.

It was lovely to see an Irishman win, although to be frank I don't see much point in the game. I lived in St Andrews for more than a decade and only swung at a ball once and that was just to shut everyone up. I worked two Opens, selling overpriced sandwiches and drinks and I confess I sent many people on the ten minute walk up to Tescos to buy a much cheaper version of the same thing.

There is no doubt golf and the town are heavily linked--St. Andrews has something like eight medal courses within a mile of the town. And most of them aren't expensive to play if you live there because they are council owned.

I always wanted to hang my laundry out on the Old Course on the final day of the competition as was my right on common land :) If only I'd had a cow or a goat I could have really caused a stir :)

Somehow I doubt the duffers in the Royal and Ancient would have seen the humor in it. I'm not anti golf, I'm not even against places where men want to gather with their own gender and bond, but I am against such places if they allow the waitresses and barmaids to be female. That just smacks of old fashioned domination fantasies.

Anyone else into golf? BH is. And just a note, I love putting greens :)


  1. I'm back...

    Miss me? *snort*

  2. Never really understood the appeal of golf, other than the gorgeous courses that have been built in some of the most beautiful places, like in Hawaii. That's the only thing I like about golf LOL. Well, except if someone like Hugh Jackman is out there on the green, then I might watch ;)

  3. Kim--yes I missed you :)

    Stacy~ I like the courses too. Rather that than a housing estate. And yes, always nice to see famous faces.

  4. My Dad lives and breathes golf. He tried to teach me a couple of summers ago but I hacked up his lawn because I kept swinging the club like it was a hockey stick and that was the end of that...

  5. Kelly--yes, I think that might be my problem too :)

  6. Toni, it's not just in the R&A that waitressess and barmaids are female they are female the world over,I have been in a lot of pubs and restaurants in my day and have yet to see a male barmaid or waitress.
    I played golf with the last Irish winner of the open, Fred Daly, a few times, great character and great golfer

  7. Pop--you just proved what a sheltered life you've led ;)
    Did you win the rounds with Daly?

  8. I don't golf although I'd like to learn. Hubby likes golf but he doesn't have much time. He did put a golf hole in our back yard and he and the kids "golf." He has these fake golf balls for the drives then real ones for the putts.

  9. I find golf boring, but can play it. My Mom was really into it when I was a teenager.

  10. Rene--that's nice :)
    Brandy--wow. I'm impressed :)