Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th July

Happy Fourth of July to my American buddies :)

But aren't you sorry now? I mean I know you have Hollywood, but we have William and Harry :)

That's okay, you wanted independence and you haven't done too badly ruling yourselves. You've had the odd success here and there.

Happy Birthday to the US :)

PS. The Union Jack up there--that's mine :)

PPS. My parents' house (on the left) was built around around 1740-1750. Don't you think it is freaky their house is older than the United States of America?

Excellent news. Alan Johnston has been released in Gaza. In a world full of recent bad news, this is good news indeed.


  1. Fantastic news.

  2. Definately wonderful news. Have a great day, Toni!

  3. Happy Independance Day. (Do you say that?)

    Nice photo of Anscroft too x

  4. I read that he had been released, what blessed news!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Yes, thank heavens he was finally released unharmed! And I'm with you...who couldn't possibly love William and Harry? :) I love our Governor-General Micaille Jean, and what she represents. You couldn't help but be stirred by the ceremonies on Parliament Hill.

    All the same, Happy Independence Day to all our/my American friends!

  6. I love being an American, despite you having Harry & Wills *g*, but I think your post reminds us that freedom, no matter where you live, is important and something not to be taken for granted. In that I think we are all the same - united.

    Thank God for Alan Johnston's release. I think the world is rejoicing.

  7. Absolutely right. Freedom should not be taken for granted. I just had a lovely 4th July BBQ :)