Monday, July 02, 2007

The long weekend...

Well that was nice. 3 days of doing very little. Bike rides, dog walks, reading, doing the usual mom stuff. Thinking about my characters.

I did miss the party (par-tee) on Sunday due to a sudden headache and I'm not sure what that was all about.

Anyway, this week I will visit everyone to finally catch up :)

And check out Pam Champagne's Killer Passion contest for July (posted July 1st) to win a bag of goodies. Pam's books are excellent.

On a slightly weird note I was reading about the bomb attacks in the UK. They've arrested two doctors (?) and one works in Glasgow (near the inlaws) and the other works in my parents' local hospital in Shropshire. How strange is that?

I'm thankful no one else was hurt during the attacks. Goodness knows we've flown out of Glasgow often enough as have friends and family. We live in a unfathomable world at times--when people who have spent years training to save lives decide instead to take them.


  1. It does seem rather jarring to think doctors would be involved in a bomb plot. Doesn't that go against the Hippocratic Oath?

    Glad you had a nice weekend.

  2. Very disturbing about the doctors. It saddens me that life, which is so precious, can be treated so cavalierly, like it means nothing. Just awful.

    I'm glad you had a bit of a break, and hopefully that revived you and got those creative juices ready to flow. Our 4th breaks up the week, which is nice, but having to go back to work on Thursday just doesn't seem right LOL.

  3. That was scary news about the bombs.

    But that picture of Sean makes me feel better.

    Glad you enjoyed your break!

  4. Thanks for visiting my little blogspot.

    The bomb attacks/doctor connection is a bit unnerving. When you think about the oath they make, it's just so unsettling.

  5. OH, I watched "North Country" the other night and thought of you. Sean played the sympathetic husband to the woman with ALS. He was good. The movie itself was pretty cheesy, but I liked Sean.

  6. Sean is SOOOOOOO fit. Nasty bombers. How can doctors be involved in terrorism? Congrats on getting your first draft finished BTW. I'm green with envy. Was going to write a lot last weekend but we had visitors. Sometimes life gets in the way. Have you found a new publisher?

  7. I couldn't understand how Doctors, DOCTORS, could harm people. It's awful.

    Glad to hear you were able to have some fun and relax this week. Hope that you keep it up!