Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Planning the vacation...

I'm planning our trip out west at the end of August, to Drumheller where we aim to meet up with the in-laws (Pop and granny).

Drumheller is in Southern Alberta and is the home of some big dinosaur bones. We're very excited.

Maybe my next hero will be an archaeologist?

What are you doing for your vacation? Is someone going to make me jealous?


  1. Sounds just lovely Toni. Me, I'm as boring as dirt this year - no major vay-cay for moi. Next year I'd like to go to San Fran for RWA, we'll see. Other than that, I'm just enjoying a lot of long weekends.

  2. No major vacations for us this year either. (Between hubs tuition, Son's extra tuition (he's breezing through kindergarten) we have to put it on hold.) Next year, however, we're taking the kids to Disney World.

  3. oooh, that sounds like a cool trip! have fun!!

  4. No jealousy here. I'm not going on summer vacation. :-( I'm still hoping for Italy in the next year or so...

    Hope you have a grand time!

  5. Are you hitting the zoo in Calgary? It's a nice one by Canadian standards. Pack your bathing suits, too! Drumheller has a really nice little splash park for the kids. And adults, too, if they so wish. ;)

    Um, my summer vacation? Traveling to the new digs in Yellowknife. We're going canoeing next week though!

  6. Stacy~ that sounds fab :)

    Brandy, are you kidding? Next year will be amazing :)

    Suzanne, I will!

    Mel--Here's hoping ;)

    Meretta--have fun in that canoe :)

  7. I'm going to Hawaii in a month. My dh, kids, parents and stepson are all going. We will be staying on the Big Island. Not sure that would make you jealous, some people don't care for the tropical stuff.

  8. Rene--are you kidding? I'd love to go to Hawaii :) Not to mention you might see Tess and Andy from the Bachelor (insert silly laugh :)