Monday, July 09, 2007

Susie Cooper

This is Laura Linney. I really like her as an actress and she has an incredibly versatile face. One of the reasons I've used her as the visual cue for my current heroine.

I've spent the last week trying to get to know my heroine, Susie Cooper, better. I've written a whole first draft and she's only just opening up to me.

Have you ever met someone you like and whom you think holds a depth that will interest and surprise you? That's what I want Susie to be. Unfortunately, right now I've hidden her personality so deep I'm the only one who knows how lovable she really is. And I'm the only one who can fix it.

Today marks the start of writing the second draft, where I delve deeper, add more details, write fresh, see if I get over the emotions and the point of each scene.

I love editing, but to be honest this book is scaring me. I so want it to be that perfect vision and I know it won't be. How can it match the pure concept that crystallized inside my head before I pressed my clumsy human fingers to the keyboard?

Well it can't, but I will keep trying and keep working at it.


  1. Isn't Laura Linney amazing? I first saw her in that movie, oh what was it called, with Edward Norton and Richard Gere. She comes across at first as being rather plain, but then she takes over the screen. I admire intelligent actresses.

    You'll fix whatever you feel needs fixing, Toni. You just have to believe in your vision. And don't worry about perfection - that's boring. Flawed and multi-faceted are much more interesting.

  2. Laura Linney is amazing. She has such a range of acting, I can see why you'd use her for a model.

    Good luck on the editing. I don't care for it myself. Finding the emotional depth of a character is never easy.