Friday, August 10, 2007

Antoin Gray--Goldeye

Before I say anything I just want it noted I know nothing about baseball, except it is kinda like rounders with hot dogs.

Today I went to the library (I'm surprised they let me in anymore) and my dd had a story time with one of the Goldeye's baseball squad. Now we hadn't taken anything to sign--I mean what exactly would they sign?--but DD came out of the session most upset because she didn't have anything to sign.

Who'd have thunk it?

I did however have my camera in my bag so I suggested a photograph and she cheered up and we went in to queue behind all the other little girls and boys (like a good little Englishwoman). It got to our turn and this very nice, sweet man stood and came around the desk and squatted down so both my kids could go on either side of him. Which was great (because there were groupies and he didn't do this for anyone else), but my son wouldn't go to the other side of the guy.

So I had to say in my stupid accent. "Come and stand over here, next to... I'm terribly sorry, but I don't actually know your name...?"


Antoin. Antoin Gray. Lovely lovely man. He has very very sweet eyes and a nice calm voice. I apologize for not knowing my infielders (not that I even know what a flippin' infielder is!)

And here's a brief and rare glimpse of my crazies (I mean kiddies) with Antoin.


  1. Much, much better than a boring old autograph. ;o)

  2. Diane is absolutely right! They'll treasure that picture for years to come.

    And they are so ADORABLE!

  3. Awwww, that was terribly nice of him and now your kid will be able to look back on that and smile!

  4. I love it when sports celebs are out with the kids. It's very positive for both sides, I think.

    The kids are too cute (and you can let them know there's a package on the way!)

  5. I laughed at the 'queuing like an Englishwoman'. One of my teachers used to say you could always ell the English, because they form a queue and talk about the weather.

    Nice picture, bet your kids are delighted!

  6. Cat--it is too weird. People will queue without any idea what they are queuing for LOL.

  7. Aw, all 3 are so cute together. What a great memory, and I'm glad it was a happy one. Antoin looks like a nice guy and not all sports players are like that. Fun stuff :)

  8. Oh Gosh your kiddies are cute!! They look like a potential bundle of mischief, though :)

    At least the English queue! Much better than a scrum as you storm over the tarmac for a seat on a plane (Sofia, Bulgaria), or being trampled by octogenarians (Greece -- and they weren't Greeks doing the trampling!!)

    I kinda like the first-come, first-served civility :)