Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Recently I've been thinking about entering contests, trying to get work in front of editors.

It's hard being a supposedly published author, because most contests are for unpublished authors. However I did find...

Romance Junkies.

Gather first chapter romance Comp .

Before I say anything, it is commendable that these places run contests. Good on 'em :)

BUT for me there were problems.

My entries for Romance Junkies got sent back saying I needed to change the tone to that suitable for a twelve year old.

Oh dear.

My romances are not the sweet variety. They involve nakedness, violence, blood and nipples; nothing I'd want a twelve year old to read. And because of the pressure to make the opening scene dramatic these factors would be hard to change. ARGH.

And then I got all excited about the Gather 1st Chapter Romance contest because I read that they weren't counting ebooks as being published in the print world and the prize is a Simon and Schuster contract. Excellent. Then I read the fine print. It is an online contest, but you have to live in the US to enter. Rats :)

So--if you have an appropriate romance go forth and enter these great contests.

I'm writing :)


  1. PASIC!! the PASIC book of your heart contest - It's an awesome way to get in front of an editor. Both long-time pubs and unpubbeds compete anonymously, and on totally equal footing.

  2. Okay, listen to Loreth because I have no clue. What about the Brava novella contest - is that open to writers outside the U.S.?

  3. I entered the PASIC, Loreth, and it is an awesome contest.

    Brava is excellent too Stacy :)

    It just made me laugh that I kept getting caught up on technicalities :) Mice and men and all that :)

  4. Oh, man, Toni! That's awful!

    Superromance is having a contest, too.

    The Golden Rose and Golden Pen are coming up, and they have a 55 pages entry. They're a bit pricey, though.

  5. I heard about Superromance but couldn't find any details when I looked.

    Must search again.


  6. I'm writing too. I did three contests this year with mixed results that I'm not sure were of any help. THink I'll save my money for now and keep working.

    PS - Loved that pix of Sean, it made my morning.

  7. Ah--yes Kelly, that's why I'm looking at free ones LOL.

  8. PS. Found the Superromance link

  9. Contests and competitions are excellent disciplines ... but often your energy is best spent on getting stuff in front of ordinary editors, in my opinion. Keep looking, though.