Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Dream Thief

I'm not big on paranormal romances (duck LOL), but I really loved these two books from Shana Abe.

It is that mysterious quality of voice that draws you in. Takes you inside the characters and into this new altered world. Shana Abe writes beautifully.

I'm wondering if I have any voice left in my current wip. I remember Abby Zidle describing my first romance as almost (film) noir. My current wip seems to have taken this to extreme (not that I'm near finishing even though I'm 3/4 through the second draft).

And then I've had other comments about my stories being too category.

It is very hard to find the balance sometimes. Better off closing your ears and immersing yourself in the writing and hoping (and praying) you can transfer your vision to paper as accurately as possible. And then you keep editing until it is as perfect as you can possibly make it, and then you let it go.

Kind of sad, kind of happy. Like a child growing up and leaving home. You've done everything you can to help it mature and now it has to stand on its own paper-thin legs.


  1. Oh geez, another author to watch? I don't know if I can add another one...oh who am I kidding, of course I can!

    Toni, the one person you need to be true to is yourself. Yes, it's great to have people read your work and give you advice and tell what to do...or not to do. Important, even. I think you need to sort out those voices, pull from them what makes the most sense, and move on and write in "Toni" style, because that is what will set you apart. I think what I'm trying to say is that you know what happens when there's too many cooks in the kitchen. Trust your instincts.

  2. I haven't read her yet. I met her at last year's Nationals though. She was very sweet and I do have her books in my tbr pile. I will read them.

  3. Stacy~ I agree, although I think 'Toni' style can always be improved upon.

    But then I believe everything can be improved upon, except maybe some of the great art of the world and the heart of people like Mother Theresa. :)

  4. I keep thinking about picking those books up but haven't yet. Maybe I need to bump them up on my TBB list.

  5. Voice is a magical thing and quite often it requires another person to see it. When my agent signed me, she said she was drawn to the humor. Oooookaaaay...I wasn't aiming for humor but I understood what she meant after I looked at it again. I try not to edit much, it is too easy to dilute your voice. I don't aim for perfection myself, but something that moves me.

    OH, I finally did the meme.

  6. I love those covers. Those alone draw me!