Monday, August 13, 2007

Fate and Balloons

DH and I were supposed to go ballooning two weeks ago. We organized our sitter and headed off. I left instructions JIC of an emergency, but really I didn't expect any trouble. We sat in a park in St. Vital for an hour while this guy released a single red kid's balloon. It took me awhile to figure they were testing the wind. Even though it was only 16 knots they canceled the trip, because it was gusting (I could barely feel it myself). So I've been meaning to call and rebook but I've been crazy busy and never got around to it.

Last night I got a phone call from a friend asking if I was still alive.

Well, yeah...

So she tells me they were driving home from the Whiteshell and hear on the news about a Remax hot air balloon that crashed just north of the city. Two people were seriously hurt in a critical condition and a third went to hospital with burns.

Until I'd looked inside the basket (above) I hadn't realized how much gas they carried (I'm not even sure what gas they use), but those cannisters surround the pilot and obviously at least one of them exploded during the crash.

It was really windy yesterday, maybe it wasn't when they took off, but I'm going to be interested in the Transport Canada investigation.

Not really sure how I feel about going up in one now...


  1. Geez! Thank God those people weren't killed. How awful. I'm so glad it wasn't you and the dh. I'm relieved to hear that they do a wind test. Just be careful if you decide to go up after all.

  2. I know, those poor people...

  3. Horrible that it happened to anyone, but breathing a sigh of relief that it wasn't you and DH.

    Assuming that the company gets their privileges back to balloon, are you still going?

  4. Don't blame you for being a bit wary about going up, but there really aren't that many accidents compared to how many balloons are up there.

  5. I'm still not sure. Maybe when the in laws are here.

  6. Yikes! But still, hoping you get to take your trip soon.

  7. Wow! You don't hear about something like that very often. Still, I think you'd have a great time going in the balloon. Don't let this shake ya. :-)

  8. Goodness. How awful to have happened.
    I don't know whether or not I could go up in one after that either.
    Hope your week goes nicely.

  9. Woah! You know me, anything that requires feet leaving the ground is a bad idea ;)

    I'm sorry to hear they were hurt. Hope everyone is okay.

  10. Oh wow, I'm impressed that you are brave enough to be planning to go up in a hot air balloon!!!