Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Banff and Lake Louise

The rest of our holiday was spent in the mountains. It was pretty exciting to see those jagged peaks after living in Winnipeg for 3 years :)

In Banff we took a gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain. The next picture isn't mine, neither is the shot of the hotel or the hot springs because my f-i-l still has those on his camera and they're not back here yet.

The view was amazing...

This is a weather station on the top--can you image building such a thing?

And the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is amazing. A gothic monster but totally gorgeous inside with really wonderful/helpful staff. We had dinner in the pub just below the hotel itself, overlooking the golf course--then we went home to our RV :)

The springs were really hot. Wow. Just bearable, but really nice.

And finally pretty much the only wildlife we saw were these goats and some gray jays, nutcrackers and chipmunks.

We drove to Lake Louise...

This is Moraine Lake near Lake Louise only much quieter and much less touristy. Totally gorgeous. That's where DH took my new profile photo :)

Here's me doing all the work on Lake Louise itself. Didn't really like the Chateau.

And we found romance...on the Bow river

which was just a 30 second walk from our campsite...

It was great. I highly recommend the mountains for a vacation :)


  1. Those are gorgeous pictures, Toni! I'm glad you went!

  2. STUNNING pictures! I want to go!!!

  3. Oh I love the pictures! I've wanted to go to Banff since I saw images of the hotel on a U.S. soap opera, "Another World", years ago. It looks just as breathtaking as I'd imagined.

  4. Stunning pictures, especially of the Banff Hotel.

  5. Ah, God's country :). Beautiful photos, Toni. Now I see where you could have used the motor!

  6. The pictures look wonderful. I love the Mountains here, but the those look so Majestic.

  7. Beautiful pictures, Toni! Wow. Looks like you had a great time!