Monday, September 17, 2007


Wow. I've had an incredibly busy week. The sort of week that flies by tearing out nose hairs on the way. Ouch. Anyway, first week of school and school activities are done.

And I read my friend Judith Rochelle's first print book...I would have told you it was good anyway, but it was great. Tough and gritty with a heroine I could completely relate to and a hero whom was very believable and very sexy. There was enough technical data to tell me she knew exactly what she was talking about and it was really nice to know she'd based the hero on someone she actually knew. That was pretty cool and if I were single... (here's hoping DH doesn't read this post:)

Have a great week, I'll be visiting soon, I promise.


  1. Well uh Toni, that's for THAT visual LOL.

    Hope this week is calmer for you and you get lots of writing done :)

  2. I know what you mean about weeks flying by fast. I can't even believe that we're in the middle of September already. Agh!

  3. Stacy LOL. Couldn't help it :)

    Tempest--please don't say that. I'm looking at the trees and praying they hang onto those leaves. I don't want winter here yet!