Friday, September 21, 2007


If a man goes out and gets hammered without telling his wife, and if this man brings home a massive Toblerone as a very unsubtle bribe, is that man allowed to share the chocolate?

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  1. NO! Absolutely not. He had his "treat", now you can have yours. And he still needs to say he's sorry! *G*

  2. Share chocolate? With a delinquent husband?

    Oh boy. That's a tough one.

    I'd say yes, but only if he's going to vacuum and ferry kids for a week, as well.

    Sorry, but sometimes tough love is the only way to go. ;)

  3. LOL! Nope - he obviously meant it as a peaceoffering, so it's all yours to enjoy. Preferably in front on him, while watching TV.

    Actually, for getting himself hammered without telling me, I might demand a couple of Toblerones! And I definitely wouldn't be proffering aspirin, orange juice, or ice bags for the headache. ;) But, that's just me!

  4. Definitely not. As Brandy says, he's already had his treat.

  5. No, no, and no. Having dealt with a drunk husband on NUMEROUS occasions (thankfully, he doesn't do that anymore), I'd say that chocolate is ALL YOURS.

  6. I think if a man goes out and gets hammered he should bring home Sean Bean for his wife. Then all would be forgiven. The wife would however not have to share Sean and I'm pretty sure the husband would be okay with that. I see it as a win-win situation.

  7. LOL. SB sounds good. :)