Monday, October 29, 2007


Good morning!

I'm trying to get my head into my old characters. It is funny how they come back to you in a rush. My hero is hydrophobic and a bit of a tortured soul. My heroine is psychic, and I have tried to make her authentically psychic if that makes any sense. She'd been removed from her family and has no real clue what is happening to her, she just thinks she's going insane. Here's hoping I can keep all the people in my head separate :)


  1. This picture of Eric is perfect for the tortured hero part. He is divine ;)

    Hope your story is coming along nicely :)

  2. Yet again, another perfect start to the day with the gorgeous Eric. I simply cannot get enough of that man.

    I always have to re-read my character sketches and notes when I've been away from my novel for too long.