Friday, October 19, 2007

World Cup Final

If it isn't one thing it is another. My poor baby is sick with a nasty fever and the dog isn't looking so good either.

England defend their trophy on Saturday in the final of the rugby world cup 2007 against the Republic of South Africa. It is one of the few occasions I want Nelson Mandela to be a disappointed man :)

Paris would be nice wouldn't it?

DH and I are really behind the team, absolute underdogs, but not a team you'd ever right off. Good luck England!!

If you want a rundown on the line up check out Sky Sports link here. If you want to understand some of the basics check out 'all you need to know about rugby' from the BBC.

If you want to see the French team almost naked... link here.

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  1. Sorry not blogged for ages - life is so darrrrrrn busy! Good luck to England, it would be fantastic not only to win but to be the first team to ever win 2 successive world cups. And Johnny W is delicious!!! ;-)

  2. I hope Son and Dog feel better soon!

  3. Get well soon to your little guy and doggy, too!

    Go England!

    It would be interesting to see how many people follow the first link you provided compared to the second... ;)

  4. Swing low, sweet chariot! Go England! Hope your son and dog are feeling better.

  5. Okay I'm late and I don't know who won, but I hope it was England.

    I hope your son and dog are okay.

    Meretta - I followed the only link that mattered. LOL