Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Confessions of a TV Addict

Okay, I confess, and now we have a PVR I like to record my favorites and watch them with DH late at night :)

Here goes--my TV list.

NCIS (love the characters)

The Unit (fantastic writing, characters and acting)

The Tudors (Oh my god. The richness of history, the scandal, the costumes, the intrigue, the sexy people)

Criminal Minds (I love this show but can't believe they show such graphic violence so early at night. I love the characters, I enjoy the plots because these are the types of stories I enjoy reading).

CSI NY ( I love NY. I love this cast, the plots are usually pretty good)

CSI (still fabulous)

ER. I love this show but I HATE this series' storyline. I may need to sack this writer :)

The Amazing Race (Good fun. I did have to explain what gay meant to my daughter, and persuade her, that she and her best friend weren't (as far as we know))

After Christmas I'll have LOST and American Idol to watch too, but to be honest there is such rubbish on TV at the weekends I can usually catch up on the good stuff, and not having to trawl through 3 million car adverts is a plus too.

8-10 TV hours a week (plus the BBC news headlines). Probably too much, but it relaxes me and the story-lines and writing, inspire me too. Interesting to see what works. What about you? What are you watching?


  1. We are absolutely sympatico except for ER, LOST, and The Amazing Race! Where did you find such great pics of the casts of these shows? :)

    I'd add CSI: Miami (coz I love David Caruso in his black suit), Bones, The Women's Murder Club, Intelligence - fantastic CANADIAN show shot in Vancouver, and they actually SAY it's Vancouver - and Prison Break. How can anyone not love Prison Break? Season One on DVD is flying off our store shelves.

    We watch THE UNIT religiously - it's so true to life and important for Canadians to relate to it, I think, because we also have those special Units too. In fact, my dh and I went to a recruiting session for one of these units just last spring. To check it out...I don't know if I'm cut out for a life of never knowing where my dh is...his Top Secret stuff now means we can never talk about work.

    anway, check out Intelligence. The writing's fantastic, the acting wonderful, and it's about a seedy drug lord with a concience (sp?)and a family. You really learn to love the bad guys, and see how twisted some cops can be. And I've known some twisted cops in my time!

  2. Okay, I give in ... what's a PVR? Or will I kick myself?

  3. Not much of a t.v. watcher anymore, but it's good to see some old faves still on the list (CSI).

    I read that book by Phil from "Amazing Race" - NOW: No Opportunity Wasted - and really enjoyed it.

  4. Laurie, I just googled the images. I used to watch CSI Miami because I love DC and the city, but the plots were dumb. I watched Intelligence and it was good, but I'm trying to 'not' find more things to watch LOL.

    Diane, not your fault, it is the Canadian TiVo thingy.

    Stacy~ I really like Phil :)

  5. Um ... TiVo. Tee-Voh. Tye-Voh. Nope, still not getting it ... Soz.

  6. I don't know what they call them in the UK, or even if they are there yet. You record straight onto the digibox, then you can fast forward adverts, pause the tv, all that sort of stuff. It is cool. Changed my life actually :)

  7. I don't watch Lost, ER, The Unit or The Amazing Race, but I do like NCIS, CSI:NY and CSI:LV, and Criminal Minds (this one is a freaking me out this week). Have you tried Bones. LOVE Bones!

    Have a great week.

  8. PVR is equiv to Sky Plus - fab invention... New series of ER not started in UK yet, nor Desperate Housewives. Enjoying watching I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here - Janice Dickinson is hilarious, she is such a cow and pretended to be soooo brave, putting the other women down for being scared of various things, but she keeps getting voted by the public to do the Trials and is such a wet wimp. (Although I guess I wouldn't want to eat live cockroaches or crocodile penis either!!)

  9. Brandy, I need to get Bones DVDs.

    LOL Deb, I liked that program. The last series I watched was with Jordan and Peter :)

  10. Thank you, Deb. I'm with it now. :o)

  11. Not watching a single thing. I sometimes wish I could watch some of these shows because they look so good, but it's so nice not to have to worry about working my schedule around the t.v. I guess if I didn't work all day at the day job and then have only a few hours in the evenings before I have to go to bed, I would probably watch t.v. But I hate to use those few hours that I DO have sitting in front of the television.

  12. ER, Lost and THe Amazing Race are on my list too. And the Tudors is awesome. I've missed a few episodes so I've convinced myself I just need to buy the DVDs. And I just finished watching Season I of Rome which was also amazing.

  13. We hardly watch any of the same shows! I do like The Unit.