Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Dentist for the kids today. Argh. Hate that--not the dentist he's great, but the drive across town. When I was a teenager I had to hold my friends hand if she had a dental appointment. I used to get notes for the teacher saying 'she has to take her friend to the dentist' :)

Thankfully my education survived Deb's dental phobia.


  1. Too funny, Toni. I wish I had notes like that!

    Good luck at the dentist's! I think we're due soon. Must check the calendar.

    I do know we're off to the optometrist soon...DD needs new glasses. The old ones are falling apart!

  2. I hate going to the dentist. My daughter's first dental appointment was awful - she refused to let them take x-rays or anything like that. But the next time I took her in, she was just fine. Weird.

  3. Thanks for making Eric Bana your new hero! I'm looking forward to new pics of him to brighten up my days. :) He IS a great actor, and should get a new agent to put him in bigger roles. A gorgeous hero - I'm sure you'll have lots of inspiration!

  4. Hope it went well.

    Eric looks so young in the picture, and completely adorable.

  5. Toni - phobic here, long time no read blog and then there's my name in lights... You'll be glad to hear my phobia has now gone, I'm even getting used to spiders!! Thank you for being such a good friend. I am sure it was only something mundane like English or Maths that we missed! xx

  6. No Deb, thank YOU for being such a brilliant friend!