Monday, November 26, 2007

I was rude--sorry

I was just very rude to someone on the phone. I had won (I believe it is past tense) $2600 worth of holiday vouchers to Cancun to spend at their 5 resorts and some Disney stuff too, but I asked the woman about flights and stuff and she just repeated the 'you've won $2600 holiday vouchers blurb', at which time I got snappy because I was half way through story time when they phoned and without any ado I'm transferred to 3 different people who act like I frickin' phoned them! And she hung up on me LOL!!!

Seriously, the English accent can be a beautiful thing.

Anyway it reminded me of a plot I'd had in mind, where a downtrodden telesales person becomes a serial killer and tracks down all the crappy people he/she has dealt with over the years. Of course, heaven only knows where they were calling from, and it would be a long way to travel to kill someone for an 'icy' tone. However if I disappear you know where to start searching...

I'm off to watch The Tudors. :) And talking of icy-- minus 33C windchill :/


  1. Yes, it's much easier to be icy when you can channel Kristin Scott Thomas.

    BTW, LOVE your inspiration slideshow! I personally find Sean Bean to be VERY inspiring...

  2. Kate, me too :) Hubby was getting a bit jealous and so I thought the slide show worked for now :)

    Kristen is awesome. I always picture her in her 4 weddings hats :)

  3. Great idea for a story, Toni. That would really tap into some fears people have about tele-sales people, making it harder to hang up on them. Kind of like how Jaws made us afraid of swimming in any kind of water, nevermind the ocean.

  4. My mom used to be one of those dread telemarketers, but she was surprisingly good at it. Me, I hate to answer the phone. Thank God for caller ID :)

  5. I'm with Stacy - that's the great thing about caller ID. And since I'm dodging creditors at the moment, I don't answer the phone unless I know exactly who is calling.

  6. Oh man I laughed so hard over that one!! hehe

    Reminds me of the time I phoned someone to tell them they had the wrong number. Oops. LOL

    And isn't the -30 weather supposed to visit us in January/Feb? Ugh.

  7. That would be a totally creepy horror movie!!!

  8. Oooh, good story idea. If a telemarketer calls our house I just pretend I'm the babysitter. :D