Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I think Eric Bana is an incredibly talented actor... a really really talented actor :) I couldn't resist this picture, the caption alone cracks me up :)

I have cast Eric in the role of my hero Ben Foley, who has short dark hair and the deep brooding gaze.

I wonder how Mrs. Bana feels about being married to a guy who goes from pudgy (in Chopper) to hot (in pretty much everything else). How would it feel to be married to a man whom other people admire for their looks? How would I feel if someone posted pictures of my DH on their blog? Not very happy, I'm sure. I hope Mrs Bana appreciates I'm using images of Eric as a way for me to get into character, and as a way to jump feet first into my story without wondering what the hell color my hero's eyes are :)

I'm lucky to be married to a man who understands my need for visual aides. :) Of course, he's hoping for a New York Times best seller so...

Bless him :)


  1. Love the picture - it cracked me up too!

  2. Ahhh...can never get enough of Erich. He was absolutely delicious in Munich and in Troy.

    I would hate to be married to a man in the spotlight - I am a bit jealous by nature and even seeing him kiss a woman onscreen would drive me mad. ;-)

  3. Hot picture - I wouldn't be able to sleep either ;)

    I guess if it's any consolation to Mrs. Bana, he's really into his family and not the whole Hollywood thing, so maybe that helps.

  4. Plus--she is married to the guy :) I'm not feeling sorry for her any more :)