Monday, November 19, 2007

New Book--Icebreaker

I have been procrastinating lately. Once I sent Storm Warning off to my agent last Monday, I cleaned for three days and got some of the encrusted crud off the top of door frames and wiped everything I could reach while standing on my stepladder. I bought some Christmas ornaments because we are still trying to fill the extra space in this house compared to our old flat. We spend about $100 a year on new ornaments and this is our 4th winter and we are only just beginning to make a dent on the place (our old place was tiny and we had to ditch all the Christmas lights due to the electricity supplies being incompatible). Anyway, then I did a bunch of Christmas shopping and lots and lots of down time stuff, that I don't get to do when I am immersed in writing a story.

Then I sat down and thought about what my next story was going to be about. I have had this idea in my head for years (I wrote the first chapter back in 1998 just after we left Ontario to move back to Scotland the first time). It uses my experience as a fish biologist conducting an environmental impact assessment up in Northern Labrador. I looked up the region today to check out how the nickel mine had progressed and was staggered. The land is decimated, I hope the water quality isn't screwed, but who the heck knows? Anyway, I'm not against mining per sae, but I'm against raping the land and leaving it like a dessicated carcass. Hopefully this company will keep its promises to return the land back into pristine wilderness.

So--I know who my heroine is. Looks-wise she's based on a friend of mine :) but I couldn't put her photo up without feeling weird. My friend is totally gorgeous without trying, but she also has days when she looks ragged like the rest of us. And she's kind of down to earth pretty, not Hollywood starlet hot.

I poured through magazines and the internet looking for someone to play her. I like have pictures as a reference. It is how I get anchored. But no one fitted!! I was absolutely fed up having wasted a whole precious day--and then suddenly, having given up I was reading something about Maura Tierney and BANG. I thought to myself, she looks just like **** and the light went off in my tiny brain. And this way I can write her a great part and get over my annoyance at this season's ER.

I'm working on her name and backstory. I have my hero sorted out too. I'm starting to get excited.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I'm a huge procrastinator.

    With you on the whole destruction of the land. It's disgusting how people have no respect for where we live, and how destroying a part of it will have consequences, plus it's just plain ugly.

    I've always liked Maura Tierney, even when she's not playing the most likeable character. Good choice :)

  2. I love your heroine and your new Title! When're we going to see pics of your new hero? This book sounds like a winner, given the current conciousness about global warming, the environment etc. Way to go!

  3. Good luck with the new wip, Toni. It sounds great.

    I too am annoyed as hell with ER. I missed the show when Abby, did, you know. My jaw hit the floor when I saw the the blurb from last week's episode.

    Why? WHY? WHY!!! I'm so disappointed.

  4. Good basis for a heroine, bet it'll be a good novel if it's been bubbling for this long.

    Abbie is great - not that I am jealous, not only of her figure and looks but that she manages to bed every hot guy in ER.....