Friday, November 30, 2007

Rediscovering Bruce

I finally got around to loading most of my Bruce CDs onto my computer.

I fell in love with Bruce Springsteen the first time I heard the Born in the USA album, when I was in sixth form at school (16/17). He'd just taken the UK by storm, and I used to listen to Radio Luxembourg at night, a pirate station that played a lot of rock, and that's when I first heard 'Born to Run'. To say I identified with that song is the understatement of the last century. I was a small town girl desperate to explore and have adventures. I never felt like I belonged to my hometown, even though it is beautiful and I was related to half the population.

Anyway--Bruce's new CD Magic just came out and would make a great Christmas present for a Bruce fan--don't you think. Cough cough. DH are you reading this...



  1. uh huh, wrangling for gifts already. Shameless. LOL

  2. I really like his music, it's so down to earth. Hope you get what you've asked for this year LOL.

  3. Hope you get it for Christmas!

  4. I remember my last year of high school we were all crazy over Born in the USA. I can't wait to listen to his new CD!

  5. My dh loves the "Magic" album. He loves Bruce. We've seen him in concert twice. I really liked his album of folk music and I liked "The Rising" album.