Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I've kind of been in a whirlwind, like some screaming dervish lately, not really connecting with anyone online, more putting in time and effort for all the Christmas preparations that have to happen, all the kids parties for various events. I expect everyone is the same?

So anyway, I was thinking about what I was really looking forward to doing over Christmas.

We are far from our family but we have retained a few family traditions, like mince pies and sherry on Christmas morning. DH cooks the roast so unlike many women I have a fairly relaxed start to the day (which reminds me I must buy the bird:). We visit friends for a drink after we've unwrapped our gifts, eat around 2 p.m. and watch a movie. Maybe go for a nice snowy walk if it isn't too cold. And we usually have someone over and play board games with the kids.

My favourite day is Christmas Eve. When I was a girl my granny made the best mince pies ever. She'd even make me batches when I was at uni, and post them up :) Anyway on Christmas Eve she'd bring her presents over. I don't know why those evenings by the fire were so special because I saw a lot of my grandparents when I was growing up. But it sticks in my memory. Christmas morning we'd visit all my elderly relatives, all gone now, except for Grandad. Now we go sledding with friends on Christmas Eve and usually try to find a carol concert. I guess for me Christmas has always been about connecting with family. Reaffirming family bonds.

It is a shame I can't do the same thing for my kids, but that is life :) Take care--especially if you got caught in that ice storm.

I will come visit soon--I promise :)


  1. Not quite the same as I'm done shopping, but I understand your holiday pain. It's hectic this time of year.

    Since my family lives 500+ miles away, I usually spend the holidays with friends, and it's fun being an honorary part of their families and being included in the way they do things.

    Happy holidays to you Toni!

  2. Not done shopping yet!

    We're staying home for Christmas and not heading west to see family since both hubby and I have to work the day after Christmas.

    But I will have butterball soup on Christmas Eve - it's been a tradition ever since I can remember to have butterball soup at my Grandma's on Christmas Eve. And then we'd open presents. Sigh...I will so miss that this year.

  3. I'm done shopping. But, I worry that the kids won't enjoy their gifts. As for family, we'll spend Christmas Eve with the Out-Laws and Christmas Day here, just the 4 of us. We don't have many traditions, for which I am kind of sad. Maybe it's time to make some!

    Hope all is well with you and yours.

  4. All of the family traditions went bye-bye when mom died. No family get-together since they're not talking to me. The only thing I still do is read the bible passage about the birth of Jesus on Christmas Eve. I'll have Bebo on Christmas Day. I don't know if I'll ever get used to waking up alone on Christmas Day.

  5. agree with your sentiments.
    We are all with you in spirit
    xxxooo Mini