Friday, January 04, 2008

Best of British

Having a bit of a British blitz in the movies--especially, a Hugh Grant and Colin Firth extravaganza. It wasn't planned. It started with 'About a Boy' a Nick Hornby classic. Then Love Actually because it's the perfect Christmas movie and such a brilliant cast. Then the Harry Potter movies. Does anyone else think JKR cast her characters from the best of British theater? Because seeing these people in their roles--Imelda Staunton, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, John Hurt, Maggie Smith, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Julie Walters, Gary Oldman, David Thewlis, Robbie Coltrane? They are all so perfect in their parts I wonder if JK imagined them so? Then the last two nights we've had Bridget Jones and The Edge of Reason. I love those movies.

I think we all have more than a bit of Bridget in us :)

Will visit soon.

I'm going quietly insane. School on Monday. Please God.


  1. Toni it is British "theatre"
    Love to all

  2. I've been on a bit of a British film craze lately, and I'm as American as they come. Still mooning over "North South", and now I feel the need to watch some of the movies you've mentioned. I loved the first BJ movie, the 2nd one, not so much. It was all over the place, too crazy. But Colin Firth is in it, so I didn't hate it.

    Have a great weeked Toni :)

  3. LOL, Pop, that's what I wrote but the spellchecker didn't like it :)

  4. Anonymous9:44 am

    Happy New Year. Sorry not blogged for a while but my pc died and I;ve had to buy and set up a new one - just what you need in Jan!! Can you email me plz as I your email address died with my pc and I foolishly do not have it written down elsewhere... Happy days. Love to all xx (Deb)

  5. I really need to see Love Actually.

    And was it just me or did Rene Zelwegger look really bad in Bridget Jones 2? I mean, she didn't look like the Bridget in the first movie - I know it was made years later, but still...

    I didn't like the second Bridget Jones nearly as much as the first, though.