Monday, January 28, 2008


Life has gone crazy again. We had a few days of balmy minus teens and tonight we have a blizzard forecast.

I'm judging RITA entries (always an honor), I'm editing STORM WARNING (hence we have Eric), I've just completed an on-line editing course, I'm knee-deep in research material for two different books, and I'm trying to avoid a cold that is dogging the family.

On top of that AMERICAN IDOL started and LOST begins this week. I need to squeeze some room onto the PVR and think Harry Potter might have to bite the dust.

Sorry, Harry :)

Hope you are having a lovely January.


  1. At least January is almost over. Hey, with the t.v. shows and your writing, there's no reason to leave the house, now is there? LOL

    Stay warm, eat cookies...oh wait, that's Jill Shalvis...and enjoy Eric ;)

  2. My realfeel temp say 50C. That means -50C.


  3. Hope it warms up for you soon! Our weather has gone a bit wonky. It's not supposed to be almost WARM in January.
    Have a good week and thank goodness it's almost February!

    Hope you dodge that cold!

  4. I love ERic Bana. *sigh*

    The weather is crazy! I wish it would warm up already. Or at least give us crazy amounts of snow to coincide with the cold. sheesh. LOL