Monday, January 21, 2008

The problem with -40C

The car has to be plugged in so the engine doesn't freeze.
You can't go anywhere you can't plug your car in.
Tires deflate themselves if the rims are loose.
You need antifreeze in the fuel else the fuel-line freezes.
The automatic garage door opener stops working because it is too cold.
Exposed flesh hurts.
The furnace breaks down because the pilot light burns out.
You have to wear so many clothes you look like a big puffy doughnut.
Your skin dries up and cracks.
The dog doesn't want to go out to pee.

But the really amazing thing is life goes on. School, work, university, shops, buses.

Canadians are cool. (I'm frickin' freezing:)


  1. It's pretty cold here too. My husband couldn't decide if he should wear the light weight or heavy weight jacket to ride his scooter (we're expecting a high of 12C today). I hate being cold, ergo I live in California.

  2. 13 degrees farenheit right now. I don't envy you Toni, but please stay indoors where it's warm. Take care.

  3. Brrr! Stay warm, Toni! Our temperatures have dropped in the last few days.

  4. Ah yes, life does go on--always. Amazing. I've been in that kind of weather too. In Alaska, where I spent my high school years, if I didn't dry my hair it would freeze solid when I stepped out the door.

  5. Come on, you love it!! LOL

  6. Brrr, it's cold here too, Toni, but we're expecting warm weather in a couple of days. -12C. Can you imagine? I'm going to be in heaven. I might even pull out my shorts! I could probably leave the sunscreen in the cupboard though. ;)

    If you can imagine...there are people up here in YK who are still out jogging at -40C, I kid you not. Now that's dedication!

    p.s. I'm freezing too!

  7. Rene--SC sounds excellent :)
    Stacy~ & Melissa, it is cold all over! And I am staying inside (well when I can)

    Scott--people amaze me with their resilience. I'd love to visit Alaska.

    Ames--err... really? I do? :)

    Meretta, you are braver than me living up north! Hope we get that warmer weather too! And the jogger--must tell that to my agent who questioned people jogging in the rain :) I know they're crazy, but they do it :)

  8. Anonymous11:35 am

    My goodness, do we really want to come and visit you in the winter? Arghhh. (Deb)