Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Thanks for all the sympathy guys. I have a little blog-block right now.

At least my hero is misbehaving appropriately in my wip. Hit page 100 today.

Big hugs--hope the world is treating you well :)


  1. Good going on the writing. Miss ya, but you just do what you need to now. Take care.

  2. Is that the guy from The Tudors? I caught some of that and thought he was gorgeous!

    Hope you're feeling better. I know how hard it is to get your head back in the writing space when you go through something like this. Hugs.

  3. Sorry about your dog, Toni. A dog is much more than just a pet.

  4. I'll be back next week. I just don't have any verve right now :) Finn was a dear part of the family and it is taking us all a while to adjust to just having one dog in the house.

    Kelly, yes it is. Henry Cavill from the Isle of Wight.