Thursday, January 24, 2008


There is an excellent interview of Eric Maisel, the author of THE VAN GOGH BLUES, on Mary O'Gara's fabulous blog.

About those creative blues and what you might do about them.

Editing STORM WARNING. Hence some Bana moments :)

AND... a super online course run by Mary Buckham

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RWA's Mystery/Suspense Chapter is pleased to announce our COFFIN, College of Felony and Intrigue, KILLER INSTINCT online workshop for the month of FEBRUARY 2008.

WORKSHOP: Sex Between the Pages: Understanding and Writing Sexual
How do you write great sexual tension whether you write Regencies or Erotica or somewhere in between? Why is it some authors can make you cheer and commiserate and ache as their characters take their perilous journeys toward intimacy and others leave you feeling ho hum? Mary Buckham interviewed authors Linda Howard, Stella Cameron, Susan Anderson and Lori Foster to learn how to write sexual tension from sweet to spicy hot for her SEX ON THE PAGE workshop. She also combines examples from other outstanding Romance authors with an in-depth analysis of the 12 stages of intimacy, findings in behavioral science and the power of biology to better understand and incorporate sexual tension in your own writing.
INSTRUCTOR: Mary Buckham
Mary Buckham's last release, INVISIBLE RECRUIT, earned reviews such as "page-turning", "to-die for sexual tension" and "couldn't put it down". Currently Mary is working on a Thriller series set in Seattle's Pike Place Market. She has hundreds of free-lance articles to her credit, a non-fiction book and is a former magazine Editor.
She is also a national writing workshop presenter, both on-line and at workshops around the country. She also presents 2-day plotting weekends throughout the country through . In her spare time, Mary is one of the co-founders and a driving force behind Mary encourages you to visit her website at for more information about her, her appearances and workshops and her current writing projects.
> KILLERINSTINCT workshops encompass writing and craft topics.
> **PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE 27TH day of the month PRIOR to the start of the COFFIN class. Cost of each workshop is $15.00 US for KOD
> members, $30.00 US for non-KOD members. (RWA membership NOT required to take the course).
> For more information check out our website at
*****************Permission to Forward**************


  1. Any reason is a good reason for Eric ;)

    Sounds like a cool and fun workshop

  2. That sounds like a great course!

  3. I could really use that workshop myself.

  4. :) Mary Buckham's courses are all excellent.

  5. Oh, I have had those creative blues before. They stink! :-)