Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Finished some edits. Time for an office clean up and some sorting out. Hope you're all well :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

High School Musical on Ice

Recovering from a fabulous weekend of High School Musical on Ice, which was fabulous, DD's detective birthday party and 5 girls sleeping over. I woke up every hour last night except 4 a.m., DH woke up at 4 :). Having a nice quiet boring day but we did get out for a walk...It has warmed up to single negatives and I'm feeling hopeful for the 'S' word.

A homemade ice rink on the Red River.
A pretty tree
The local golf course/ski trails and one happy dog :)

Hope you're warming up too.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Ames pointed me in the direction of a great Eric Bana interview in GQ here. Really interesting. And how many of you are going to the movies to see this? What a great cast. Are people obsessed with the Tudors right now or what? Many many of the houses in my (original) local area are Tudor. Go visit Shrewsbury or Ludlow if you're in the UK. Off the tourist map, but beautiful.

I'm having one of those weeks when everything is going wrong. Fingers crossed for the next few days...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Louis Riel Day :)

Louis Riel is one of those figures in history whom no one is really sure whether or not should be a hero or a villain. Present consensus is he stood up for his people against a racist government, and I have little doubt that is true, and therefore he is a hero--honestly I know very little about him.

Anyway today is a provincial holiday, Louis Riel Day, which means the kids are off school. We actually had temperatures that climbed above zero on Saturday, the first time since October I think. Now we have plummeted again, but I keep seeing signs...the eternal optimist :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day.
Hope you have a good one.

Happy Birthday Lily!!!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Australia says sorry

I read today that Kevin Rudd, Australia's new Prime Minister apologized to the aboriginal people for the policies of past governments. What a huge massive step, a huge, positive step, and yet I can't help wondering about all those ruined lives. Did you know aborigines were only taken off the natural fauna list in the 1970s?

Maybe you aren't familiar with what the governments did? I was only aware of the practice after the wonderful, but heartbreaking, book, Rabbit-proof Fence.

The authorities removed the children from their parents, put them in orphanages, foster homes, to essentially try and de-black them and destroy their culture. A man called Frank Byrne tells his story of being taken/stolen from his mother when he was five years old for the BBC.

As a parent it makes me think. What would I do under the threat of having my children removed from me? Well to be honest I'd do pretty much anything, as most parents would. The protective instincts of parents is life and death strong. So what would you do if it happened to you? If you had absolutely no choice? Frank's mom went insane and died six years later.

There is the other side of the coin. Many people would say 'how can we be blamed for the actions of the past?' My dad makes a good point. Many British military personnel were conscripts, and even those who weren't were shot for cowardice if they disobeyed an order.

It made the British Empire great.

Last year some of the WWI soldiers shot for cowardice in the trenches for refusing orders (who were probably suffering PTSD/shell shock) were pardoned.

So who should apologize to whom? To be honest I'm not sure it matters. Reconciliation has to begin somewhere. The people in power making the policies must take responsibility, and those who vote them in must also take responsibility.

Holding onto the past isn't good for anyone, but learning from past mistakes--that can only make our world better.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

This week...

I plan to finish this round of edits. Then I want a very quick read through and send back to my agent. Wish me luck!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

SEARS experience ruined perfect day

I met the rudest salesman ever today. I was in SEARS looking for a winter jacket for DD (for next year) and there came this announcement over the speakers.

"Come get your free vegetable peeler, worth $5."

Well I ignore the first two announcements, but on the third I was passing the kiosk thing where they were doing the demo. So I stood and watched this guy demonstrate the Euro Gourmet slicers and dicers, which looked fabulous and were really reasonable, but no, I didn't want to buy one because I'd just spent my $30 at the secondhand book fair and really, slicer/ books, books/ slicer? Most people reading this would have gone with the books too, I think. So at the end of this very polished, obviously done-a-million-times spiel, he says, 'So who're the first six people who're gonna give me $30 for all this great stuff?'

And nobody budged. It was quite an impressive statement for people knowing what they actually wanted (i.e. that free $5 veggy peeler that they'd announced without telling everyone there was a demo) and not being pressured. So this guy gave everyone an evil glare, and I mean, a no soul, I-am-a-serial-killer-in-my-spare-time look, and virtually threw veggy peelers at everyone.

I said 'THANK YOU' very loudly, but I almost complained to the manager. He was bloody rude and it ruined a perfect afternoon.

So there.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Signs of spring at -30C

I visited a bunch of people yesterday, but the connection bombed out half way through so I couldn't comment. I'll try again when I get my pages done.

I heard birds singing this morning. Chickadees playing in the fir trees, as if spring might really be just around the corner. My mom said they'd had snowdrops for about 3 weeks now :( I planted some here, in our shady garden and can't wait to see if they come up. If they do I'll get more this year. I also need to gather some of the seed heads in the garden and sprinkle them in the back lane. It is so sunny there, people grow sunflowers all along the back of their fences. Really pretty. I've tried to grow poppies there for 3 years but failed miserably. I'm going to switch to something else this year.

Ahh look at the time. Must get on. Hope you're all well!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Sunday, February 03, 2008


One of my New Years resolutions was to bake/cook something new every week. Today is Banana and Walnut muffins, page 14.

I wish I could share them with you guys :)

My kids think they're gross. They keep insisting they are allergic to nuts. They even tell their teachers. They aren't actually allergic to anything.

Superbowl Sunday here. Time to curl up with the laptop and read through some stuff, as I watch 5 hours of adverts and a few hours of big men doing big things. Always reminds me of Susan Elisabeth Phillips STARS books. If you haven't read them you are missing something special.