Sunday, February 24, 2008

High School Musical on Ice

Recovering from a fabulous weekend of High School Musical on Ice, which was fabulous, DD's detective birthday party and 5 girls sleeping over. I woke up every hour last night except 4 a.m., DH woke up at 4 :). Having a nice quiet boring day but we did get out for a walk...It has warmed up to single negatives and I'm feeling hopeful for the 'S' word.

A homemade ice rink on the Red River.
A pretty tree
The local golf course/ski trails and one happy dog :)

Hope you're warming up too.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend, except for the waking up every hour thing. I never saw HSM, with or without ice.

    Lovely pictures :)

  2. Happy bday to DD. Detective party sounds fun. We had similar, sleep over for 5 rowdy boys, followed by a water polo party. Happy days...

  3. Stacy, I think you'd like HSM. It is just one of those things :)

    Deb--Happy Birthday Ross!!!!!

  4. Your pictures are pretty. Thank you for sharing them. Sorry about the waking up thing, I can sympathize.

    Here's hoping for warm weather!

  5. Holy Cow! We went to see that one as well.

    Very good show!