Thursday, February 07, 2008

Signs of spring at -30C

I visited a bunch of people yesterday, but the connection bombed out half way through so I couldn't comment. I'll try again when I get my pages done.

I heard birds singing this morning. Chickadees playing in the fir trees, as if spring might really be just around the corner. My mom said they'd had snowdrops for about 3 weeks now :( I planted some here, in our shady garden and can't wait to see if they come up. If they do I'll get more this year. I also need to gather some of the seed heads in the garden and sprinkle them in the back lane. It is so sunny there, people grow sunflowers all along the back of their fences. Really pretty. I've tried to grow poppies there for 3 years but failed miserably. I'm going to switch to something else this year.

Ahh look at the time. Must get on. Hope you're all well!!


  1. OOh, flowers! I don't have a green thumb, so the extent of ours is one lone rose bush. But, we did plant about 6 trees. *g*
    I hope you and yours are having a lovely day!

  2. Spring is always such a great time of year. We're still in heavy winter mode right now, though.