Friday, March 28, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice

Confession time... I was glued to every single episode of Celebrity Apprentice :) I don't even know why I started watching it. I had decided years ago I didn't like Donald Trump--who could like someone with that much cash? Guess what I discovered? I love the guy, and his kids. They seem like nice people so I can file my prejudices elsewhere under MY MISTAKE.

Piers Morgan won the whole thing. Congratulations Piers :) I don't think he is evil, but he is a former newspaper editor so there are some grounds for the complaint ;). I read his columns. I did get his sense of humor though which many people didn't.

I was completely torn between Piers and Trace Adkins because although Piers is a Brit and had a brilliant charity, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, I'm a huge country music fan and Trace is just fabulous. He doesn't say much, but what he does say is articulate and intelligent. Love him. And who can resist his charity? FAAN (Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network). The image of him with his 6 year old daughter who has a severe food allergy was heartbreaking. I can't imagine sending my kid to school everyday with that sort of life-threatening condition. If/when she goes into shock they have 7 minutes to save her life. Talk about grinding pressure.

My other personal dilemma is this. I do not believe injured soldiers should need charity. I believe that every dollar/pound spent on arms should be matched and spent on health care/rehabilitation for our soldiers. Turning them into charity cases is insulting. The governments should take care of them. But as that doesn't happen I hope the money Piers raised helps where it is needed and I hope Trace gets a bundle for his charity too.

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  1. I'll admit I didn't watch this. Piers always seems quite caustic to me, but hearing what his charity was? I am glad he won. As for Trace? At least he was able to bring awareness to his cause.

  2. I don't watch the show, but I would have liked Trace to win. I'm also a fan of country music and I like that he's a man of few, yet eloquent, words.

    Still, I think Piers has a good cause as well. It should be the country's responsibility to take care of their soldiers, but sounds like it's not getting done like it should. You're right: they are not charity cases. They are heroes.

  3. I haven't even seen this on the guide...hmmm...I guess I have to look beyond PVRing my favorite shows and wander around a bit more. Who knows what else I'm missing?

    I love the diversity of the world and thus the support for different causes. My cause would be for a children's hospital or support for seniors.

  4. Haven't ever heard of this show, either, but as hubby just ordered satellite t.v., I may have to check it out.

  5. I caught a few minutes here and there of this show and was really impressed with Trace. I thought he handled himself with far more grace and style than a lot of them.